Friday, December 31, 2004

The ABC's of kj

I've had a some time off from work, and I was trying to finally figure out the whole TIVO thing on my TV. My nephew can work it, and it is kind of degrading to rely on a 20 year old for technology based things when you are a technology type person.

After much trial and error, I finally figured the damn thing out. I began to look at what he had on there, and one of the things he recorded was a show on E! that had the ABC's of Angelina Jolie. I wonder why, eh?

I'd been thinking of how I could wrap up this year on my blog. Unfortunately it's been a rather boring year for me, as I've been working many, many hours. So I decided that hey! anything interesting that happened to me I blogged about, so I'd just do an ABC's of the kj4ever blog, sprinkled with some tidbits about myself.

A is for arrested. More on that here

B is for Bratz Dolls and how they creep me out.

C is for Ceiling, and how I still can't wipe off those damn footprints

D is for Duck, and how we strange Midwesterners dress them up

E is for Extravaganza, as I say it and live it all the time. Everything should be an Extravaganza!

F is for For F*ck's Sake! of course.

G is for Gold. I'm allergic to it, and can only wear Silver or platinum jewelry.

H is for Halloween! One of my favorites, we celebrate it to the hilt.

I is for the Internet. While it's not quite the space-traveling, car flying future I imagined the new millennium would be as a child, it'll do for now.

J is for Joe, my pseudo child/nephew that lives with me.

K is for kj. My Dad is the one that gave me the nickname kj, and is about the only one that calls me that except for you fine Internet people.

L is for The Lemon, or my sister as she's sometimes called...

M is for Money. I've always been good at making money, even when I was a small child.

N is for Naught. All my Santa Claus posts have brought me some rather naughty search engine visitors.

O is for OPP. Not the cheesy 90's saying "Other people's property", but my nickname for my parents, "The Original Party People."

P is for Project Greenlight. The helpful community there taught me more about screenwriting then any book could have.

Q is for Queenie. This is what my boss, the Old Irish Bastard likes to call me when I am having one of my infamous tantrums.

R is for Rance. I have come to know many of my wonderful readers from his site.

S is for Sweetest Day, and how everyone should celebrate it.

T is for the things that make me want to poke my eye out. Oh, and how I was Traumatized after I added HaloScan.

U is for U A W. I'm in the U A W, and am very proud of that fact.

V is for Van Halen, and how we went a little bit to far reliving our youth.

W is for the differences between women then and now.

X is for X-ray. I've had many, many X-rays in my life, because when I was a child I did a lot of stupid shit. I've broken 22 bones in my left hand, my right arm, my collar bone, my left and right ankle, tore all the ligaments out of my left knee, and my left elbow.

Y is for yoga. I'm a yoga freak. It is about the only exercise I enjoy.

Z is for Zowza. As in Zowza I'm finally done!

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