Friday, December 31, 2004

Have a Responsible NYE

Not to be a kill joy or anything, but I wanted to share a story with you all on this night of all nights. You can read the full version of it here.

The jist (gist?) of the story is that on Christmas Eve some years ago my Aunt and Uncle were killed by a 24 year old drunk driver, leaving their 18 year old daughter without parents.

So before you get behind the wheel tonight, or before you get in a car with someone else that is driving, ask yourself one thing: Is it really worth it?

Is it worth taking the chance of killing someone's Mom, Grandma, Sister, Father, or Brother? Is it worth going to jail for years and years? Is it worth leaving your children/mother/grandpa without a parent/child/granchild?

My friends and I are very aware of the problems with drinking and driving. It would be the absolute most disrespectful act we could do in my Mom's eyes.

So tonight, we are having a soiree where everyone will spend the night. Yes, we will sleep on jacked-up air mattresses, uncomfortable couches, and even probably the hard floor.

But we will be safe, and we will cause no harm to anyone (other then ourselves of

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