Monday, December 27, 2004

One More to Go

I've survived my Birthday, made it through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Just one more left-New Year's Eve. My bro is having a party which is all good and well, except for one thing: Monica.

Yes, I am not typing initials as if she were ever to read this I would really like the bitch to know I am talking about her and not get confused and think I'm talking about someone else.


Monica is a little slut that lives in my brother's neighborhood. No one likes her, and they all talk about her-behind her back that is.

I'm just not a behind-your-back kind of talker, and this tends to get me in trouble.

It may sound harsh that I've called her a little slut. I'm actually being nice.

You see, the thing about Monica is she's married to a really nice guy, well stupid guy really, and Monica likes attention.

Monica, Monica, Monica.

To get this attention she likes to do things like show her thong to the other married men at the party, talk about her favorite porn sites, or give lap dances to the married men.

Yeah, she's a real class act.

Why would my brother invite someone like this? He doesn't. His other neighbors are friends with her and her husband, so they usually extend their own invitation to them.

"Monica's harmless, she just likes to have fun," his delusional neighbors always say. My bro and sil are just total wimps and don't do anything about it. Now if it was my party I'd be like you weren't invited. In fact, I'd make sure she knew that way before the party ever started.

It always ends up with uncomfortable moments on the husband side and hurt feelings on the wife side. Oh, and me saying something really, really evil to her since I can't stand to see my friend hurt.

Which then makes me the anti-christ.


I don't get it. I just say to her what everyone else there says when she's not around. Oh well. I shall survive Monica this year I suppose. There are also grateful looks from wives that just aren't as outspoken as I am, because Monica usually behaves herself after I tell her off.

I'm sure this year will be no different, seeing how his delusional neighbors have once again invited her. Grrrr...

Random updates:

My 18 year old niece has found my blog. Not to be out-done by a kid, I found hers. We have an understanding now, which is I shall not frequent hers and she shall not frequent mine.

This was of course after we had a long talk about cocaine and how she shouldn't let her Father ruin the holidays for her.

Now I promised I'd stay away and not lecture, but if any of you want to go there and lecture her about cocaine and not letting her Father ruin the holidays for her be my guest. lol

I'm debating taking down my tree. It is so pathetic looking, after being used for a cat jungle gym and all, but it is supposedly bad luck to take it down before New Year's Day. Damn superstitions.

I've also spent a lot of my 9 day vacation extravaganza working on a screenplay that I am bound and determined to finish before the time is up and I have to go back to hell. It's sucking a lot of my creativity up, and I'm afraid my blog posts my suffer this week. Oh, I'll still write every day, but they may just really suck ass.

I promise you that I will try and make them the least amount of suck ass as possible.

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