Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What's their problem?

James in a comment on the previous post insinuated that my bro and sil might have a problem of their own because they deal with the horrid behavior of the infamous Monica.

What is it about chicks named Monica anyway??

I digress...I happen to agree with him to a degree. Their problem is that they are to nice, to naive, and to accommodating.

These problems are also a big part of the reason they are so wonderful. Go figure.

Monica's husband seems to be immune to her behavior. He just blows it off as her having fun. The problems that come into play are mostly the unwilling participants in her acts of slut-ness.

My bro and sil and the rest of their neighborhood really like the husband. He's a teacher (and got to be on O-p-r-a-h's favorite t-h-i-n-gs episode, the lucky bastard) and just all around great guy.

On a ADD moment here, when he got tickets to that show, he learned that only teachers could go. He asked every teacher where he works to go, and they all said NO. One finally said what the hell and went with him. Can you imagine how badly they are kicking their collective butts right now?

So the husband is a great guy, everybody likes him, and I think that mostly they don't want to hurt his feelings. While they don't go out of their way to invite them to things, other neighbors always seem to do the inviting for them.

Then the stupid slut shows up, acts like a fool, brings out the total worst in my already sarcastic mouth, goes home, and everyone then relaxes.

James also said he wouldn't go to a party like this if someone like that was there. I'll be damned if some ignorant slut is going to keep me from my friends, and the rest of them feel the same way.

So we shall brave the storm that is Monica together, and when it gets to be too much I'll break out the snow plow and bury her. That's just my style.

Hopefully she'll be working, as she's a nurse. She's not near as bad if she's on call and can't drink. There is always hope...

For all of you with suggestions of taking attention away from her: That makes it twice as bad. Monica isn't exactly someone that would get attention normally, so she's even worse if she feels like she's being upstaged by people that naturally get attention.

Ignoring her, we've tried that, but the poor guy with a thong shoved in his face usually has a hard time ignoring that, especially while telling her to get the hell away from him.

I really don't like sluts...

In other news, I pounded out 20 count 'em 20 pages on my script today, which made me do the happy dance. I rewarded myself by taking my niece to see "The Aviator".

Fucking brilliant movie. I hearted it so much. After seeing the big stink bomb that is Ocean's 12 I was almost afraid to go see another much hyped movie. I was more then pleasantly surprised, I was tickled pink.

It's a must see in my book. The only part I can criticize is the casting of Gwen "No Doubt" Stefani as Jean Harlow. It wasn't her fault, as the part just called for her to look like her and giggle and say like one line. It immediately took me out of the movie when I saw her and thought, "That's the chick from No Doubt."

Leo was fab, and I am so not a Leo fan. I was way impressed with his performance.

I want to see "Meet the Focker's" tomorrow, and if I'm a good girl and work real hard on my writing I'll give myself that treat.

In the meantime, if you want to see a movie this holiday season, I can't recommend "The Aviator" enough...

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