Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Regifting the gifters

Tonight I had birthday party #2, with the guys and gals in the Paint Department. It was nice, and they got me a really, really pretty Coach scarf and wallet.

Since everyone at work makes such a big deal about my birthday, last year I felt sorry for this other woman in my department, because her birthday is on December 15th. She was my boss, and I decided to do some special things for her so she wouldn't feel left out, considering like 3,000 people celebrate my birth for an entire week there.

I decorated her office with balloons and streamers. I organized a lunch with all of us that worked for her. It really turned out nice, and for a second I thought she might even cry she was so happy.

This pleased all of us very much, until we found out she was the regifter from hell.

We had each bought her small little presents, and she was really thankful for them, as she had transferred in from another part of the country. She wouldn't be around any family or friends for her birthday, so she told us that she wouldn't have had anything to open if we hadn't done that for her.

Our last day of work is on the 23rd every year, and last year our department had a Christmas party. We didn't draw names, and everyone pretty much just brought little things in for the people they were close to in the department.

We had a nice catered lunch, and regifter lady had to leave to go to a meeting. She had got each and every one of us a present, and we all sat around and opened our gifts.

It started when one of the lady's opened a really nice bracelet. Another lady said, "I got one just like that for *insert bosses name* for her birthday." Oh, it didn't stop there. As all the presents were opened, we came to the realization that she regifted everyone's birthday presents back to us as Christmas presents.

And then there was one. I was the only one left to open my Christmas present. What did I get?

I was regifted the present that *I* bought for her for her birthday.

What the fuck? Only me folks, this stuff only happens to me...

For some odd reason she ended up realizing what she did when it came to my present, and apologized profusely. I had bought her Aromatique Amaretto Nog candles, which are my absolute fav candles in the whole entire world by the way, and she explained the regift as "I'm allergic to Egg Nog."

What was she going to do, fucking eat them?

Anyway, I told her not to worry about it, as I loved them so much, but she insisted on bringing in a new present for me.

So today is her birthday again, and before I left I still decorated her office and left a little gift. Regifter or no regifter, we December births need to stick together.

I just made sure I got something I would really, really like....

Have you ever regifted?

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