Friday, October 22, 2004

Is it Saturday yet?

One more flippin' day and I have a day off!!!!!!! Not only do I have a day off, it is also the day of the big Halloween party. The circle of soul mates and I have compiled quite a guest list. All in all, I think we probably have around 150 people coming...

Random notes:

I made little lips graphics for the blog. I am really, really trying not to design the whole thing, but my little creative brain is ticking away at how I can change this template. I swore I wouldn't do it, but hell I probably will in the next few weeks...

I went to the nieces house to try on my beautiful fairy costume. It is really cute, but I'm kind of a slut fairy...

kj4ever: You did a great job, but it's kind of short.

Niece: Yeah, but you have great legs.

kj4ever: Thanks, but it really is kind of short. Are fairies supposed to look umm, kind of slutty?

Niece: Most of the ones I saw on the Internet didn't even have tops on.

So there you go. I should be happy that I get a top? That's the way I'm looking at it anyway. R's is just as short, so we shall embrace the sluttiness (is that a word?) together.

I seem to be the most-est lucky-est person at Blog Explosion as I seem to be in the middle of a mystery credit winnin' extravaganza. I think the nazi's still feel bad for censoring my banner and putting that profanity warning on my site. My Pimp is going to be really pleased. I won 25 and 10 within 3 posts today. Go me...

I'm really surprised by the traffic I've gotten through here. I wasn't doing so bad myself, thankyouverymuch, but Blog Explosions has exceeded my expectations. A good number of the people are staying around.

How do I know this? If you don't have one, I'd highly recommend getting a Stat Counter. It's free! and it shows you where your traffic came from, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, and what state/country they are from. Australia is currently kicking the snot out of England in the out of country category, with France running a close third.

Here's a wrap up of my popular posts so far:

The circle of soul mates post.

The one where we get arrested.

The one where my cousin decides she isn't gay anymore.

My sister, the lemon.

The one where I try to ho out my Dad.

and last, but certainly most hits, my ugly duckling to swan transformation.

So there ya have it. My most popular posts according to Stat Counter. Some hits are from blog explosions, some are from search engines...The nice thing is most people are staying from 20 minutes to an hour.

All those people slacking at work reading my stuff? My Mom would be so proud...


ladydaria said...

One of the most entertaining posts I have found all day. I got a visual of the costume and your reaction, lol. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today. :-)

Anonymous said...

i had to add you to my blogroll today. you have a great blog! blogexplosion definately seems to be workin' for you sistah! can't wait to go back and read some of your other posts.


Pink Poppy said...

For the record, there is little I would rather be doing this weekend than "pimping" a Slutty Fairie! Hope nobody gets any ideas for next weekend though, 'cause between continuing to pimp you and pimping my very own Pirate and Harry Potter out on the Candy Circuit here (if they don't do well, they don't share...) I'll be swamped!

And while we're on the topic... Since you would be one of the few Fairies online actually wearing a top, I think that you MUST post pics. Hey, you could set the trend and shame the other online fairies into cleaning up THEIR acts, too! Just a thought....

kj4ever said...

I definitely plan on posting some snaps if I actually get any of me. I'm usually the photographer of the group, but I'm sure I'll get someone to take a pic of the three slutty fairies together.

I can just black out their faces or