Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The light of the giant, purple spider

is keeping me up at night. My neighbors, the decorators from hell have began putting their Halloween stuff up.

Now any of you that have read anything here, like the fairies vs. the gnome posts know I am a holiday freak.

Sometimes there has to be a line. A line that people should not cross. Ever.

My neighbors light up the whole street with the crap in their yard. They not only have a big purple blow up spider that lights up, they also have a big blow up ghost, pumpkin, and witch that light up. They have an absolutely beautiful wrap around porch that now is used to dangle not only pumpkin lights, but bat lights and ghost lights.

Oh, and they are not done, let me tell you. They will find more shit in the store from now until Halloween, and they will put more out up to and including Halloween night. I often wonder where their dog goes to the bathroom, as it seems not one square foot of grass is left after their decorating mania.

They remind of those people I studied in Art School that were obssessive and covered their houses in like tin cans. It's a sickness I tell ya...

I took a picture and I'll be posting it as soon as I have time to take out any landmarks that may or may not give a hint as to where I live. You can never be to careful on the net. I learned that the hard way, but that is another story in itself...


Annie said...

Can't wait to compare the picture to ours! :)

kj4ever said...

Oh Annie, I refuse to believe that your house would even compare to the disaster that is my next door neighbors.