Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Calling all BlogShares experts

The blonde is confused, and I need some clarification.

I did this BlogShare thingy, but I haven't really had time to do much with it. Any of you that participate that can answer the following questions will be showered with my undying loyalty and affection.

My Blog, which is listed as FFS, is listed twice, with different prices for each one. One is cheaper, and it only shows one incoming link from Princess Diaries. The other is more expensive and has Tad and Annie (two links for same blog, like me) as links.

Why is my blog listed twice like it is two different blogs?

Then in my outgoing links on both of these FFS pages Annie is not listed on either one, even though she is my first link on my site.

Why isn't Annie showing up??

Also, does selling hurt a blog? I noticed I've invested in a lot of the same things as Rancette, and she's been selling like a maniac. Whenever she sells, my net worth goes down the toilet.

Thanks in advance for any answers you might be able to help me with. I know I should probably just try and find the answers on the site, but I have the attention span of a two year old.


Pink Poppy said...

I'll e-mail you privately, but I think I can shed some light on this for you.

Annie said...

I haven't been able to spend much time over there lately but Tall Poppie's email will help.

If you notice, the title of my blog is wrong as well. On both of them.


kj4ever said...

Thanks Pink...

Old email address, long story...

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I'm addicted to your blog since I found it from Annie's site.

The two of you are a couple of the rare blogs where I went back to the beginning and read every post. Good stuff dude...

kj4ever said...

Hey Annie, you can change the title. When you log in it has an Edit Blog link, and you can change the title.

I did that, and unfortunately it only changed the title on my cheap blog, and not the more expensive one.

rancette said...

damn! I can help you!!! You didn't tell me that you were investing some of the same blogs. I didn't notice or I wouldn't have screwed you over like that. I try to help my friends. Not hurt them.

As long as the value of the blog is on it's way up and not down, the price of the blog may go up or down when shares are sold. I'm not sure why it goes up sometimes and why it goes down. But if you buy more shares in the blog, as long as the value of the blog isn't going down, you purchase more stock in the blog and the price goes right back up.

You see...I AM ADDICTED TO BLOG SHARES. I had to purchase premium membership, because I was addicted to it. When I had 1000 blogs in my portfolio, I tried to purchase more. They said "I'm sorry, you are only allowed 1000 blogs in my portfolio."

The reason I buy and sell like crazy, is that I develop the price of a blog. I take it from .33 to $20 or sometimes $100+. Then once I need more money, I cash out if that blog is growing too slowly, if it has stabilized or is on its way down.

Like I said, I didn't mean to screw up any of your investments. If they allowed more than 1000 different stocks in your portfolio, I would not be selling so darn much. I don't know what the purpose of ideas is, but I have been buying them like crazy, because they are good or so blogshares say.

Now, I don't know why your blog is listed twice. But as for the links, doesn't update its files and makes no claim to have the right links listed. I don't think there is anyway to change it.

If you need anymore advice, don't hestitate to ask. If you are buying stock in something I purchased, we can make a deal that I'll hold the stock or talk to you before I sell. But if the stock is on the downhill slide, quick, sell it, before you lose what you invested in it. Maybe I'll create a special "KJ" folder or something.

But like I said, I don't want to purposely screw you over by selling shares in my blog. I am only selling like crazy to make room for new investments.