Thursday, October 07, 2004

A quick update

before I leave on my trip.

The witch next door (not the neighbor, the blow up witch), decided to 'fly' away and went sailing down the street and into the woods. She has been replaced with a pumpkin with three rather large ghosts on top. Replaced in record time too, I might add.

I went out to take a new picture, but the neighbors were out there looking at me all suspicious like. I moved into my house when I was like 24, and they are like 58 now, so we didn't exactly mesh well. I was still in full party mode when I moved in here, making for some rather uncomfortable confrontations.

Now I realize that most of those confrontations were my fault. Most people don't want someone living next door to them that hits golf balls down the street, plays baseball with Jello shot eggs, or has 50 random friends at their house, all at 3 in the morning.

Now I go to other people's houses to do those things.

Anyway, they aren't exactly the forgive and forget kind of people, and I'm pretty sure they know we are the ones that put laundry soap in their fountain. So they view me as a threat to their suburban dream, even though I have cleaned up my act quite considerably.

I'm all packed and ready for my trip. I have all my cameras, and I'm ready to roll. I love love love the fall, and I love love love taking pictures in the fall. The place I'm going in absolutely beautiful, so I'm hoping to get some real good shots. We've had really cold nights all week, and the leaves have changed dramatically, just in time for my trip.

I'll be back tomorrow night, and if I have an ounce of strength left from hiking all over God'd creation, I'll post some of my pictures.

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