Sunday, October 31, 2004

I Heart Falling Back

Spring forward sucks, but falling back is the best. Due to the time change, I am home from work a whole hour early. So what is there to do at 4:00 am on a Saturday? I decided to get a weather pixie and check out some of the new features @ Blog Explosion.

I was browsing through the different weather pixie's, and my nephew suggested the one that I ended up placing on the blog because she kind of looks like me. The kid is tired I think...

Anyhoo, I have one thing to say to pixie bitch. Put some damn clothes on. It says it is 46 degrees, FFS! The website claims that it changes clothes to go along with the weather. Resemblance or no resemblance, I have never worn a half top thingy when it was 46 degrees. She either straightens up and flies right, or she is out of here.

Next on to Blog Explosion expansions. They have a really cool feature where you can see who blogmarked you. Over a hundred people have blogmarked my site. Wow...Amazing...

I started clicking different sites to see the kind of people that were interested in my site. What really was amazing was it is so many different kind of people. Democrat blogs, Republican blogs, Libertarian blogs, Christian blogs, Wiccan blogs, SAHM blogs, Professional women blogs, Photo blogs, Teen blogs...It goes on and on. To attract such a diverse group of people is so cool.

Are the rest of you seeing the same results as me?

Mindy, I haven't forgotten your request from the hot 100, and I'm hoping to post it in the next couple of days.

One post that I do have nearly finished is how my family conspired to destroy my future sister-in-law at Scrabble. It should be up later today, after I get my extra half hour of sleep, since Pixie bitch took up the other extra half hour.



I'm officially freaked out. After I uploaded this pixie bitch had on a full shirt. At least she listens?


ricknight said...

thanks for the kind words.. enjoy the extra hour.

Pink Poppy said...


Is it just my imagination or is YOUR pixie putting on more clothing as the weather warms, and stripping down as the mercury plummets? What a little vixen...tsk-tsk. She seemed so promising....

Anonymous said...

Um, where do you go to see who all has blogmarked you? I can't navigate my account to save my life!!!

kj4ever said...

When you log into Blog Explosion, on the right will be My Blogs with a link under it that says add/edit.

Click that, and you'll get a summary of your account. You'll see number of times blogmarked, click that, and it takes you to who blogmarked you.

I hope to have time to visit all of those who were kind enough to blogmark me, but it's going to take awhile.

Rich Rosenthal II said...

Found your site through your blog explosion banner.

When I saw that people could find out who blogmarked yas I did a quick check of my blogmarks. I'm not sure I like that feature.

As a male I have to say half naked pixies are all weather appropriate.

Annie said...

You'll notice that my pixie is pretty much going to be wearing a snowcoat until May. :)

kj4ever said...

Yours get a snow coat, and mine is back to her half top thingy, even though it says 45 degrees.

Why did I get stuck with the slut pixie?