Thursday, October 28, 2004

100 things....

you really didn't want to know about me is what I was going to name this post. With my wanderings around different blogs because of Blog Explosion, I have seen this 100 list on many many blogs.

I'm going to boost the idea, but since I am way to busy for my own good it shall be the kj4ever top 50...

50. I would rather die a miserable, horrifying death then eat a brussel(sp?)sprout.

49. I was Gene Simmons for Halloween when I was in 1st grade.

48. I built an 8 seater go-cart that wound up giving my brother a broken arm and myself plenty of stitches.

47. My friends used to beg my Mom to go out with us when we had girl's nights out in our early 20's.

46. Mom used to get hit on more then we did.

45. My cousin is a professional poker player.

44. I was an optometric Technician for a year before my current job.

43. It was only for a year because working for doctors sucks ass.

42. My Mom was 7 months pregnant when she found out she was pregnant with me.

41. She had me a week later. Surprise!

40. My Sister is 8 years older then me and my brother is 4 years older then me.

39. I graduated from college with a 4.0.

38. I didn't talk until I was two.

37. Since then, I haven't shut the f*ck up.

36. I have five nieces and nephews.

35. My paternal Grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. My Grandpa was 1/2.

34. My maternal Grandmother used to love to say, "We got a bunch of wild Indians running around here."

33. My Father found this quite amusing.

32. I do not look like I have an ounce of Indian in me, except for my eyes, which are very dark brown.

31. I always wished I had black hair, but am naturally blonde.

30. My Mom's family is Irish, and very proud of that fact.

29. I can cross my ankles behind my head.

28. I've never had a cavity.

27. My doctor doesn't charge me for office visits as I am the last baby he ever delivered.

26. I can put together an entire car, all by myself!

25. My parents owned a nursery and I have vast knowledge about plants and trees and junk.

24. I volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club in a not so nice area, tutoring the children about computers.

23. I was diagnosed with bad asthma when I was 4.

22. My Great Uncle, a healer, made a pillow for me to sleep on that stunk to the high heavens, but my asthma disappeared in two months.

21. It has never returned.

20. I take a Geritol multi-vitamin everyday.

19. My Grandpa says that is why he is so healthy-he has taken one everyday for over 50 years. He's 90. I listened.

18. My favorite toy growing up was those little army men that had parachute's that you bought at the 7-11.

17. I tried to make my own parachute at 8. It didn't go well.

16. I've had a job since I was 9.

15. I shared a paper route with my brother. By 11 I had 3.

14. I also had a lawn care business with my brother. We frequently undercut my Father's estimates and stold his business.

13. This made him proud.

12. I paid cash for a brand new car at the age of 16.

11. I do not own a credit card.

10. I was engaged once. Thank God that passed.

9. My nickname comes from my Dad, who calls me kj.

8. He's also fond of calling me the "little shit."

7. I was named Kelly because it's Irish and my Grandmother insisted on it. My middle name is Jean, and it was my Aunt's name.

6. My niece and nephews write A Nut Kelly on everything they give to me, as my oldest nephew used to always mess it up when he was first learning to write.

5. I coached Pop Warner Football for a day.

4. My lack of any knowledge of Football made the Dad's step up to the plate and coach.

3. I had four tonsils. When they took them out, it altered my voice so bad that my own Mom didn't recognize it when I called on the phone for about 3 months.

2. It left me with a damn Melanie Griffin type girly girl voice.

1. I've had the same best friend for 28 years.

So there you go. Fifty things about me you probably didn't need and/or want to know. If you'd like any of these to be explained in more detail, leave a comment, and I'll see what I can do.


The Mad Tech said...

You’re awesome. And since I have labeled you as such, you are now linked on my blog.

A former Chicago resident

The Mad Tech

Pink Poppy said...

Great Read! I started a 100 Things list to put up as my 100th post. I now have 130 posts and only about 60 "Things". Now, why didn't I think of 50?

Annie said...

This was great - now I feel like I know you better and am still convinced about the parallel universe thing!