Thursday, October 21, 2004

My yearly trip to hell

Yes children, it is that time of year again. The time of year when I am reminded that I am going to straight to hell. Do not pass go. Do not even get a hand basket...

Why exactly is it that I am going to hell? Is it because I'm a murderer? Nope. Do I steal? Nope. Do I covert thy neighbor? Eww...

I don't break to many of the 10 commandments, but that's still not the reason why I am going to hell.

The reason, class, is because I participate in a sinister ritual. It is the utmost Evile on this planet.

Yes, I participate in Trick-or-Treating. Damn...

I work with a Christian. He a real! live! Promise Keeper and everything. Now don't get the wrong idea. I adore this man. He is a very good person, and we get along very well except for this time of year. I have no problem with people who practice what they preach, and he definitely does that. Except for Halloween....

He usually doesn't judge people (which the Bible tells you not to do by the way) except for Halloween. He must really find Halloween disturbing, since he never preaches or comments on anything else but Halloween.

I found this out the hard way last year when I put up a few Halloween decorations in my little cube at work. It's right next to his, and he didn't appreciate it.

At. All.

It shocked the hell out of me when he started to preach to me about Satan and teaching children to worship the Devil blah blah blah blah blah....

When I was a child, Satan was the last thing on my mind when I went Trick-or-Treating. About the only thing I thought about was how in the world I would be able to hide the Snicker bars from my Father. Never once did I adequate Trick-or-Treating with the Devil, or hell even religion. It was about dressing up, running around at night, getting candy, and hiding said candy from my Father, even though he dressed up and Trick-or-Treated and had his own damn candy. This statement probably explains a lot about why I am a perpetual 5 year old. I get it honest.

I learned last year that it really is about going to hell.


This is a man that knows I was raised with what some would call Pagan beliefs. I guess it's ok because I am half Native American? He never says anything about that stuff, but damn don't get him started about Halloween...

He went into his big long speech again this year, as I thought blah blah blah in my head. I couldn't help but laugh, and this did not amuse him. He is dead serious about this Halloween stuff.

Why? Why does Halloween bug Christians so much? I just don't see the connection with the whole Devil worship crap, as most children don't even think about that.

In a time where kids are taught to be afraid of their own shadows, at least they have one night where they can go to their neighbors house without fear of God knows what.

Let me share a story with you all that I posted over at Mr. Netiquette. I took my niece to see my parents when she was about 6 or 7. My Parents live in Mississippi, which is definitely a different culture then here in Chicago.

We were walking on "main street", looking at the little shops. She ran over to a pop machine that gave out real! bottles. A man came over to her, bent down, and said "Hello there little one." She immediately started screaming "Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!" and came running over to me. I still wonder if that poor man has recovered from that little scene.

How can such a funny story be so sad?

Point being, at least one day a year kids can run around like the generations past were allowed to do. They have one night to be free of worry and rules and stranger dangers. One night where neighbors are just neighbors, no stranger dangers, no worries.

How can this be evil?


Anonymous said...

i was reading this article the other day about how some christians are really upset that halloween falls on a sunday this year - *gasp* the Lords day! so some of them were sending out their kids trick or treating on the saturday before.

i think some of these people need to look into the real origins of halloween instead of what their churches have brainwashed them into believe the holiday is really about.

just my 2 cents. found you on blog explosion.

MICK said...

It's silly to think of Halloween as anything but I day for kids to enjoy role playing and getting free candy. Anything other than that is reading too much into it. Those who believe in darker forces and use the day to commemorate their weird stuff are out on their own. Our kids, putting on costumes of whatever is trendy, they're doing nothing wrong but being cute. No crime there. Good post!

kj4ever said...

The whole Saturday scenario really confuses me...I saw one article with this lady complaining about having children trick-or-treat on Sunday because it was "Devil Worship", so she was going to send her kid out on Saturday.

So it is ok to worship the Devil on Saturday, just not Sunday???

The blonde is confused.

julia said...

haha if only Halloween was the only thing that sent us to Hell... or if it did at all!
and uhm... yeah that gentleman, though nice and kind, is also rediculous ;) but it's good that you don't just swallow it whole. God forbid.

from another one of those Christian types, hello! i found your site through blogexplosion. a happy hello as well. blessings.


Pink Poppy said...

Hey K!

Ya' know, I may have to write a whole post on this topic so that I don't take up your entire comment page. But suffice to say that I am a Baptist Minister's daughter (my parents actually met at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) who grew up with a father who started transforming our house into a Haunted Mansion the week before Halloween. In other words, we were into Halloween in a BIG way!

Now I live in a place where the State has either officially or unofficially (but trust me, there is NO doubt in anyone's mind either way...) declared Saturday the 30th as Halloween.

This semi-blonde shares your confusion.

Africanuck said...

How can the Christians be up in arms about "All Saint's Day", or the evening preceeding it? Ok, so in Europe, they dcn't really celebrate Hallowe'en but on the evening of the 31st, (at least in the place I spend my holidays), the tombs and mausoleums of deceased familiy members are alight with candles and awash with flowers. Pagan? Well maybe the roots of it are, but then so are many if not all of the Christian holidays, if anyone cares to think about it. The date of Christmas was a pagan holiday well before Christ, Easter was the same and so on. It's pretty well known that early Christianity "borrowed" and then tranformed many of the pagan holidays as a way to attract converts while allowing them to transfer/substitute Christian saints for pagan deities.

kj4ever said...

I couldn't agree with you More Jc...

Red and Green-Pagan

Hunting Easter eggs-Pagan

The list is endless.