Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Fairies have won! Yay!

For anyone that has been following the battle between.the Fairies and the Gnome, the Fairies have won!!

I get to be a cute flower/garden fairy for Halloween w/my BFF, and her hubby gets to be the Gnome. This is going to be great. I didn't even have to threaten being KISS and wearing spandex this year. This is further proof that men can be taught...

The big bash is already planned for the 23 of October. My circle of soul mates and I extend with aquaintances for this bash. There are usually about 100 people at the Hallo party every year. As the cirle of soul mates are all very different in their own ways, this makes for a very ecclectic party.

P and M are very family oriented. They do all the things our parents did. Their kids go to CCD and church. Most weekends you will find them cheering at some kiddie sporting event, working on a school project, or just relaxing with their offspring.

H and J are the "cool" couple. No kids, no worries. J has a job most men would kill for, and H has a job where her boss is wrapped around her little finger. They have all the latest gadgets, and their clothes reflect all the latest trends.

My bro R and sis-in-law K are the money makers. They are the high pressure, high stress, high living couple. Each with their own business keeps them extremely busy, and they have two kids.

T and R (my best friend since 1st grade), are the "popular" couple. Laid back and easy going, they are the kind of people that put others at ease. While they aren't materialistically rich, they are very friend rich. Everyone wants to be around them because they are just decent and fun people.

Then there is me. I am the "single" one. The "I don't want to grow up" one. I'm the single version of the "popular couple", which takes on new meaning. While people may want to go out to dinner with T and R, they want to go whoop it up with me, as I still know where the hot spots are.

My "other" friends are way different then the cirle of soul mates. Ditto for the rest of the group. You throw a bunch of SAHM's, the Small Business Association, some down home folks, people likely to be in a garage band, and some Yuppie's for good measure and you can get kind of a picture of what this party is like.

It is great. It is like an all you can eat buffet of people.

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