Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I shall be one with nature

There are only two more days until my trip to a beautiful, scenic national park.

One problem arises out of this. I fucking hate nature.

Well, that isn't really a fair statement. I love the beauty, the peace found while walking a breath-taking trail. I just hate the creepy crawly things and the bugs that bite or get stuck in your hair. Anywhere that makes you have a "tick check" afterwards is usually not the place for me.

I'm half Cherokee Indian. I'm pretty sure they'd kick me out of the club if they heard me say I fucking hate nature.

I am trying though. I'm going to camp. When I say camp, I mean I'm going to stay in a cabin with all the comforts of home instead of the Hyatt that is located 20 miles away.

The pictures I have taken in the past there are gorgeous, so I shall suffer the bugs, snakes, and God only knows what else out there in the forest. Oh how we suffer for our art...

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