Sunday, June 27, 2004

Psychic and weirdo mumbo jumbo

I've had the same best friend since kindergarten. She married my brother's best friend, and my brother married our good friend. Our other two good friends married my best friend's husband's good friends...Yes, we have a ton of friend inbreeding in our group.

Said best friend and I went to see a psychic when we were like 23. He was this little troll like little man that had his eyes closed and rocked back and forth in his chair. He had an assistant that ushered you into the room, and told him you were there.

You didn't speak, and the room smelled of funny incense. He would just ramble out different things about your past, present, and future. It was eerily exciting, even though we were both skeptics. Our friends thought we were nuts for going in the first place.

Something rather amazing came out of this whole experience, and it was rather unexpected. The man began talking about what good friends we were, and how we had been great friends since we were small. He spoke of my brother, her husband, and the others in our group. He talked about how in a past life we had died a horrible death together, but that we clung to each other and fought it the whole time.

I believe we starved to death or something. Great potato famine or something or other...He spoke of how close we are even though we are tremendously different, and that through it all, we will always remain friends.

He hit it on the head exactly. My brother, the conservative who loves money, my best friend, the sweetheart with the heart of gold, her husband, the bolsterious comic, my sister-in-law, the naive farmgirl, me, the independent commitment phobe....It was all rather jaw dropping, considering we weren't allowed to say a word.

If you are good with math and keeping count, there are 9 of us total who have been the best of friends since childhood, even though we are incredibly different. A few came later in our teens, like my sis-in-law. She moved by us from a small farm town her senior year of high school.

We range from stay at home mom's to small business owners. We have a mechanic, secretary, lawyer, car salesman and IT engineer in our midst. Many might ask what a lawyer and a secretary might have in common, and most would say not much. Somehow we have managed to stay good friends all this time, despite different life paths and lifestyles. They are truly the people I know I can turn to with anything, and they will be loyal to me to the very end.

So was this man the real deal? He told us we would be friends our entire life. Most people I know don't keep friends for more then a decade, and many of these people have been my friend for 25+ years. I've had many other friends come and go through my life, but they are my constant.

I don't know if this guy knew what he was talking about or not, and I'm not sure if I even believe in this kind of thing. The only thing I know is he was right about these people, my friends, that I still cling to when I am starving to death.

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