Monday, October 18, 2004

A Day in the Life of...


10:00 am ish: Wake up to blaring alarm clock. Hit snooze and lay there staring at the ceiling until it blares again. Continue cycle until able to think coherently.

10:15 am ish: Realize coherent thought is not possible without caffeine.

10:17 am ish: Get out of bed and head towards kitchen. Trip over a damn cat.

10:20 am ish: Privately thank God for Bunn coffee makers while drinking first cup.

10:25 am ish: Put on damn exercise clothes and either do weight training or run on the tread mill for a half hour, bitching the whole way.

10:26 am ish: Realize exercising will be impossible with said cats circling, so go back into kitchen and distract them with can opener and food.

10:27 am ish: Re-think exercising as I hate it with a passion. Grumble, moan, and bitch to myself a lot.

10:29 am ish: Get on the damn treadmill/pick up weights anyway.

11:00 am ish: Hit the showers.

11:30 am ish: Feeling almost human now. Get out oatmeal and prepare.

11:35 am ish: Eat oatmeal while listening to home phone voice mail, usually messages riddled with guilt from the parental units, as I usually haven't had a chance to call them in awhile.

11:50 am ish: Blow dry hair, put it up in some kind of twisty knotty looking style for work.

12:30 pm ish: Call parents if guilt riddled messages worked, otherwise, connect to Internet.

12:30-1:00 pm ish: Check out blogs of people I like, listed on the side of this page.

1:00 pm ish: Answer emails. Assure people I am still alive. Check work cell phone messages. Grumble a lot.

1:30 pm ish: Put on make-up and dress for work.

1:45 pm ish: Put harness on tank ass cat, take for walk.

2:15 pm ish: Pack lunch/dinner for work, do various household things like dishes or clean a room. Throw a load of laundry in washer.

3:00 pm: Leave for work.

3:30 pm: Arrive at hell.

3:35-6:00 pm: Run my freakin' butt off.

6:00 pm: Union break. Call last person on my Caller ID. Eat snack.

6:30-10:00 pm: Run my freakin' butt off. Get pissed off at some computer illiterate person.

10:00 pm: Union Lunch. Eat Lunch. Answer email. Reassure people I'm alive. Surf net. Write blog entries/email to home.

10:30-3:30 pm/am: Run my freakin' butt off. Hit the "on" button on someone's computer. Be told I'm a genius for hitting said "on" button.

3:30 am: Get the hell out of dodge.

4:00 am: Return home. Trip over cat.

4:03 am: Strip and put on the most comfortable thing I can find. Put clothes in dryer.

4:05 am: Go on Internet. Upload blog entry/answer email. Surf net.

4:30 am: Start nephew's breakfast as he gets in the shower and gets ready for work.

4:31 am: Feed the damn cats again so they'll leave me alone while I cook said breakfast.

4:45 am: Talk to nephew while he eats. Put something in crock pot for lunch/dinner.

5:00-10:00 am: Sleep, glorious sleep.

Life in 12 hour land sucks.


Annie said...

See - I can't take the cats off your hands. It's obvious that they NEED you. A lot. :)

Anonymous said... about a jampacked day! rest much? lol

Swung by via blogexplosion..coolsite though.


Pink Poppy said...

Ok, I am SOOO not going to complain about how overworked I am for AT LEAST 24 hours!

puglet said...

Ah, a fellow nightworker..I so feel your pain!
And everyone I know gets mad if I call them at 5 am, yet they think it's ok for them to call me at 3 in the afternoon. Whatever.

kj4ever said...

Ahh yes, the old when is it ok to call debate. It never fails that my Sister will call at 8 in the morning on Sunday to go to breakfast even though she gets yelled at by me every single week.

Poppy, you can complain all you want. With the pressures you have getting your book published, I'd take my 12 hour day anytime.

Annie, are you sure?? My cats love kids...Really...They do...