Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Great Big Shout Out

To a couple of bloggers who featured me in their blogs yesterday.

One is The Zero Boss, a wildy entertaining blog that had me blushing from the praise heaped on me. His site is fabulous, as it is about a man with 6!?! kids. He's working on a book too...Be sure to check it out.

The other blogger is none other then my friendly neighborhood Blog Explosion Pimp Poppy. She gave a very kind shout out to my Halloween posts, to which I am truly flattered. Blog Explosion is also how The Zero Boss found my site, and in turn I found his.

The Poppster also has a very cool blog with lots of coolio links. I still want to go to Poppy!

My stat counter is how I found out about Zero Boss's post on me. It showed a high number of referals coming from his site. I've also noticed a number of referals coming from other people's sites. I'm going to make a "link up" section for everyone that links to my site, as I'd like to recipricate the gesture. If you have linked to me, email from the link somewhere over there on the left----------> so I know about it and can return the favor.

Speaking of stat counters, check out my country stats:

Go Canada Go!
In exciting news, my Grandpa is coming up on Election Day to vote with me. He's 90, a WWII veteran, and almost as crazy as the parental units. He has an opinion about everything, which I guess you are entitled to if you live to be 90, fight in a world war, raise 3 kids, and live to tell about it.

He is registered to vote up here, as he has a residence up here, in Southern IL, and in Colorado. It should make for an interesting blog post, yes indeed. I heart my Grandpa....

In unrelated news, I miss Annie and her blog posts. When is she coming back?


Pink Poppy said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout! And (waaaahhhh...) I miss
Annie, too. I think she comes back this weekend? Something tells me that she isn't going to miss Halloween with the kiddees.

Michele said...

Oh yes, we Canadians are special...and purple it seems.

Great blog!!

Annie said...

Wow! I was touched to see this. Thank you very much.