Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm a bad American

I should be watching the Presidential debates about now.

That would be the case if I hadn't finally gave in and took the Nyquil.

I am higher then a kite right now. I tried watching, but Kerry was really creeping me out cuz his forehead don't move and Bush looked like a monkey. Kerry has one of those crazy eyes that goes the other way too.

Bush just tore him up over inconsistencies in his positions and changing what he thinks as political views change, and that that is not how a Commander in Chief acts.

By the way the late teen to early 20 somethings are cheering in my living room, I'm thinking they are leaning towards Bush right now.

Me? I'm seeing botoxed to the hilt pink elephants with big ears and crazy eyes running across my kitchen.

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rancette said...

Um, I didn't even know the debates were on tonight (until a friend called me 2 hours ago, but still!). I have not been reading newspapers or anything political (for the most part). If I saw an article online that mentioned either Bush or Kerry, I didn't read it and clicked on to the next thing.

I DO want to be informed. But tough luck for me, because even more than wanting to be informed, I don't want to hear anything about the election!! Ok, that didn't make sense. But I am taking nyquil too. Slept for the first time since Saturday. I am truly thankful. I would do a Nyquil commercial for free if they asked me to. Not really, but it helped so much.

Um, so anyway, at first your post made me sad I didn't tune in to the debates. But then, you made me realize I missed nothing but a monkey and someone whose forehead doesn't move!