Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Fairies vs. the gnome

The war between the fairies and the gnome has begun. As you learned in my last post, R and I are trying to get T to be a garden gnome for Halloween.

I am sad to report that the fairies (R and I) have lost the first battle in what seems like will be a very long war. Here is the conversation between T and I in the battle of the gnome:

Grouchy Garden Gnome (T): You've got to be kidding me.

Cute Fairy (me): Come on dude, it'll be great!

Grouchy Garden Gnome: No fucking way.

Cute Fairy: But don't you see how perfect it will be? Your costume will be so comfy. We'll have to pad you of course, but it'll still be comfy.

Grouchy Garden Gnome: and what about the time you made me dress up in drag? You said that would be comfortable too. To bad you didn't inform me that I'd be wearing a Moo Moo with fake size EEE breasts...

Cute Fairy: Dude, that was freakin' hilarious....

Grouchy Garden Gnome: Oh yeah, real funny...and you are R get to be cute fairies. I get to look like a freaking pear and you two get to be cute. You do this every year.

Cute Fairy: It's not my fault fairies are cute....

Grouchy Garden Gnome: No fucking way...

Cute Fairy: Did I mention you get to have an accent? That Gnome dude from TV is from England. You know how you love accents. Remember how much fun you had talking all street when you were our pimp?

Grouchy Garden Gnome: Hmmm...I do like accents...On the other hand, No FUCKING way.

So the battle shall rage on since I could not convince him. I don't know why he puts us through this. He knows we are going to win. Maybe it is to save his pride as a male that at least he tried to not give in.

I still have the big gun to bring out, but I'm saving it for a sneak attack. We've used it before, and it always works. We just say, "Ok, we'll be KISS minus the cat dude." This always sends him running to our other idea, because I think he has some kind of irrational fear against spandex...

This image shall remain in my blog until I can convince T to take one for the team and just be a damned gnome for Halloween:

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