Thursday, September 30, 2004

When enough is enough...

R and I have had to be secret squirrel about our pending photography trip because of her cousin Ki. I cannot take being around her for 10 minutes, much less going on another trip with her.

Ki is not shy. If she knew we were going, she'd be like, "I'M GOING TOO!", no invite needed. R is way to nice, and Ki takes advantage of this. So we'd be stuck with the psycho.

I do not use the term psycho losely. She really is. She choses to be in messed up relationships, is more anal retentive then any person I have ever met, and I think suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder.

The last trip R and I took was to visit my cousin B, who is a professional poker player. He was doing this tournament down in Tupelo, MS, and invite us and my parents down. R is situated in my family as a family member, as I am in hers. So we were both excited to go. Besides that, my cousin B gets the best of everything in these gambling establishments since he is considered a "high roller" or whatever, so free luxuries like massages and facials and a hotel room bigger then my house awaited us.

Ki found out we were going, and invited herself. At first I thought, no big deal, the more the merrier, all that jazz. This was about 4 months before the trip. The emails started almost immediately.

Let me just say this now. I hate planning shit. I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type girl. Those are always the best trips. So when I received an email 4 months before we were going demanding to know what I was bringing on the trip I got a bit annoyed.

Then she wanted to bring two friends. What the fuck? This chick, who doesn't have a dime to her name, was getting a free trip sans gas money and gambling money and now she wanted to bring more people. I told R she better put her foot down before I told her exactly what I thought of her. R put her in check, but she still pouted relentlessly about it and made passive aggressive (God I hate that phrase and I can't believe I'm using it) remarks about it.

I would say when all was said and done I received about 150 emails about the stupid trip before we were ready to go. She planned out every freakin' minute of our trip. About a week before the trip my brother found out he didn't have to work, so he was going to be joining us.

She flipped the fuck out. HER friends couldn't go because there wasn't that much room, but my brother was going???? I LOST it. I sent her an email (because I didn't trust myself to talk to her) about how this was a family trip to begin with, that MY cousin invited R, me and my bro to begin with, and if she didn't like it she should stay the fuck home.

That shut her up. Then began the battle of what car we would take. She wanted to take hers, but we were planning on taking R's because it gets such good gas mileage. I finally just caved in because I couldn't take it anymore.

We hadn't even left my block when I wanted to kill her, and we had like 480 or so miles to go. R and I had Starbucks and we were sitting in the back seat. Ki was driving and told us we could pull down the thingy in the middle because it had cup holders. Our purses were there, and other luggage was by our feet since Ki had packed enough for a damn month and took up most of the space in the trunk. We told her we didn't want to use it.

We went about oh 10 seconds when she mentioned it again. When we got to the stop light at the end of the street she mentioned it again. As we turned the corner she mentioned how we'd be more comfortable if we just could put our coffee down.

R slammed the thing down and asked if she'd shut up now. This is way out of R's personality, so it shut her up for about 20 miles.

Next was the scented garbage bags Ki had bought for the trip. If we just opened one up we could put our cups in them. Things wouldn't be so messy if we opened one up. I told R that if she opened one up I'd freakin' kill her in her sleep. I dug out the Ipod and turned it on full blast.

When I finally turned if off about 100 miles later she was still talking about the damn scented garbage bags. R was blaring music next to me, so she couldn't hear her. My poor bro, up in the front next to her, looked like he was about to jump out the window.

This type of shit continued all the way down there. By the time I got out of that car I was about to blow. Even R was about to blow, and she doesn't get upset about anything. Lucky for us, we found out something about Ki that day-she LOVED slot machines.

We were there for 3 days, and she had planned all these trips to places in Memphis. We didn't want to do any of that, as this was a trip to see my cousin and my parental units. It turns out she didn't do any of that because she spent her entire day gambling.

The next day she was whining that she wanted R to gamble with her because she just knew she would win if they both put in money and played together. R and I were tearing up the crap table, and had no desire to play slot machines. Off she went, pouting the whole way, to the area with the slots.

We found her that night rocking and crying in the hotel room. She had went through all her money she had brought. Now Ki is the most irresponsible person I know with money. She has filed bankrupcy twice, and was heavily in debt again. The only reason she got to go was because her parents had given her some money, and she blew it all.

By the time we were wrapping up the trip and saying our goodbyes, she had blown the money her parents gave her, her tax return check that she was planning on paying her parents back with, and all her rent/bill money for the month. She was a wreck.

She cried most of the way home, and she actually had the nerve to blame R and I because I hogged R and wouldn't let R gamble with her. She just KNEW she would have won if R and her had played together. This is how psycho she is.

After that trip from hell I had very little to do with Ki. R still does because she is nice and Ki is family. R's hubby hates Ki with a passion, but puts up with her because of R. I used to do this, but finally enough was enough....

Ki just sent me an email informing me that she is back with M, a guy that rooked her out of a $3,000 credit card cash advance about 2 years ago. He has three kids, and everytime him and his wife break up he goes to Ki. She watches the kids, pays his bills, and takes care of him until he gets back together with his wife.

I haven't responded to the email, as I try not to encourage her to speak to me. How can anyone be this messed up? How can anyone be this stupid?

I know most of you are probably thinking why doesn't she do therapy? The worst part is she DOES. She full well admits all her little problems and quirks, she just doesn't do anything to change them. It is annoying to know someone that totally admits there problems, but doesn't try to fix them. I think I'd rather know someone in denial, as it would be much less frustrating.

So I've decided that enough is enough with her and she is out of my life. I will be courteous when the occassions come up that I have to be around her, but I am so done it is not funny.

Now if R would grow a back bone and see how much unnecessary drama this queen puts in her life everything would be peachy. Unfortunately I don't see that happening anytime soon, as R is the most loyal person I know. I never thought loyalty could be a fault.

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rancette said...

Don't hate the term "passive aggressive". I never use it, but...

I read this post last night. And I thought "I know someone who is totally passive aggressive, that's the perfect word!" So I was excited.

But now I've been thinking about her all day (we'll call her QB for Question Behavior). Anyway, I dread when I am going to see her again. Well, things weren't so passive aggressive the third to last time I saw her and I pretty much yelled at her. She's muttering obscenities to me and asking me to cut shit out, when I am totally minding my business. She heard a rumor that I said shit about her, but I actually said shit about the person who had spread the rumor, so the rumor-spreader was out for revenge. And QB believed the rumor-spreader, because their "friends". And I'm thinking friends don't upset friends and lie to them.

So not only can't I stand, QB. I can't stand Rumor-spreader. RS used to be nice to be, but she changed. And only 9 months after she changed did I get fed up and complain to someone about it. Well, maybe it's my fault that things turned out this way.

I'd like to go up to her and be like "We're both adults. Can't we get along?" OH MY GOSH, she drives me insane.