Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Lonely life of the non-partisan

Everybody is talking politics with the big election coming up.

I have no candidate.

I usually don't.

I've never seen anyone that I would like to lead our country. I usually just vote for the lesser of the two evils, but this election I really don't like either evil.

Clinton probably came close to being a candidate I could really back. Before the Democrats whoop it up, he was closer to Republican thinking then Democrat I believe. When Democrats point to Clinton, it always makes me smirk, cuz the dude was a Repub in disguise.

Well, maybe not a Repub in disguise, but much more middle-of-the-road then your average Democrat.

Democrat's social programs turns me off. I come from a long line of hard workers. I know people who have been on some kind of government program their whole life. Yes, I think people need help. No, they should not make a career out of it.

Late term abortion makes me physically sick. To think of someone scrambling a child's brain so that it won't come out alive. I'm a preemie myself, so maybe that's why I'm so adament about his issue. When it is just a ball of cells I believe it is a woman's choice, but once it can breathe on it's own....It's murder.

We need a military. We need bombs. We need fighter jets. The world has always been hostile and always will. I view America like a celebrity-Everyone is just waiting for us to fall or to help us fall. We need to be protected.

On the other hand, tax cuts should not go to the rich. Didn't we learn all about trickle down eco with Regan? Didn't we learn it don't work?

We shouldn't leave this planet worse then we found it. Species of plants and animals are here for a reason. Future generations have the right to have clean air and water.

The government should stop buying up technology that would get rid of our need for oil. They should let these damn car companies use the technology they have (and I know they have it, I work for one) to eliminate the gasoine engine.

We shouldn't close down our borders because of a terrorist attack. What is that inscription on the Statue of Liberty? "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free." This is what America is all about. If you don't allow immigration, then most of the people wouldn't be here. I am half Cheroke Indian, so I guess I could stay. All the others can get the fuck out? I don't think so.

So those are my positions on the political "hot spots".

Yeah, I'm skitzo or something.

So I see Bush as a Bully and Kerry as a wimp. Bush is too passionate, and Kerry too wishy washy.

I have no candidate, and doubt I ever will...

So there you have it.

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