Saturday, September 25, 2004

I just wanted to say....

I have to work all night tonight...Until 5:00 am...

I shall update through the night, and I must warn you, I may get a bit slap happy...

Thanks to I'm using their graphics tonight. Well, I don't think it counts as stealing because they do not have any terms of use up, so I figure a link is good. I even put a perma link on the side. So if anyone from has a problem with this, let me know and I'll remove immediately. Thanks.

6:36 PM

Tonight I was supposed to and and , but all I'm going to do is

7:07 pm

I had to relocated because of a mouse sighting. I as fast as I could to a location with more noise. Being in a factory at night without commotion is not a good thing.

Being by more people is a bad thing though because I will got lots of questions that will make me

I'll try to just

9:43 pm

So I'm trying to get some done, but being visible is not a good thing.

I had one person who's puter wouldn't work, and it turned out the monitor was just shut off. It made me want to or maybe

10:55 pm

Some friends of mine (or should I say USED to be friends, I'm getting more and more over here) just called my cell to inform me of what a good time they are having which made me want to



So this guy comes into my lab office and but he really was trying to and I don't with anyone from work because that leads to

Will it ever end?


I finally got rid of and my friends called and they were and and and they wished I was there...I wanted to


They have wrapped things up earlier then expected, so I am and I am getting ready to hit the


I am now in the safety of my own home. I'm going to and and get into

I feel like I just survived the

Oh yeah, and I get to get up and do it again tomorrow.


Worried Boyfriend said...

cute animations! Good luck with the long shift!

Annie said...

I hope they are paying you well - good luck on the night shift!

rancette said...

OMG!! Those animations are so funny!! Great stuff. I was craaaaacking up!!