Monday, September 13, 2004

My cheating heart...

I'm still sick here, so I could use some help. My friends and I have a "who can find the weirdest junk on Ebay" contest, and I'm failing miserably this time.

The last contest my Jesus Christ action figure got the snot beat out of it by some demented chick's toe nails that sold for 25 cents.

You don't necessarily have to tell me where something is, just maybe something I can search? Please?

If it isn't bad enough that I lost the Golden Swine award last month, I'm not doing so well on this Ebay thing. The Golden Swine contest is totally not fair anyway. We go to this all you can eat crab leg place, and they almost start crying when the 9 of us walk in the door. I'm diabetic man. I can't over eat like that, so I shall never get to wear the crown.

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