Thursday, September 30, 2004

There is a first for everything

Today I have done something that I have never done in the 25 years I have worked (yes, I started working at 8 years old).

I called off sick.

I have never missed a day of work. Ever.

It seems I am sick again. In the last two weeks I have been sick more then I have in 3 years. Now it seems I have the cold from hell. Everyone at work had it, and I was totally convinced I would be ok as I haven't had a cold in probably 5 years.

Did I mention that I'm dying???

People that don't get sick often are the biggest babies when they do get sick. I'm terrible. My nephew J that lives with me has headed for the hills. Last night he was a sweetheart and made me something that resembled chicken noodle soup and went and bought me cold medicine. After hearing me wail for about the 100th time "I'm dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying" he had some "errands" to run and got the hell out of dodge.

The cold medicine is still sitting there, and I haven't caved and taken any yet. I can't stand taking medicine. No worries about me every becoming a drug addict, as I don't even like to take Tylenol.

I've gotten exactly 5 phone calls and 7 text pages from work today. Pleasantly surprisingly they haven't been about work, just people wanting to know if I'm ok. I guess when you have worked somewhere for 12 years and never missed a day people assume you are dying or something if you don't come in. Which I am. Dying. Did I mention that yet?

So my partner at work says he heard I was in an accident. My boss heard I was in the hospital. A couple of other people heard I was in a diabetic coma.

I have this whole adult Ferris Bueller episode going on in my head with people walking around with cans that say, "Save Kelly" instead of "Save Ferris." That would be fine and dandy except I am not at a Cubs game or one my of fav places on earth, the Chicago Art Museum. Nope, I am sitting here with my quilt and my box of kleenex and my tea with honey dying.

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