Sunday, September 19, 2004

Why is it...

that some people can be hateful or mean and get away with it, while others just can't. I do not understand it. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I had this friend in my early 20's. C was extremely skinny, and very self conscious about it. She drank protein shakes and ate more then most men I know, but she had just been just plain boney all her life. She is about 5'10 and had the body of a 10 year old skinny boy.

I, on the other hand, have the body of a healthy 10 year old boy with breast implants. No, I do not have implants, I'm au-natural, but usually people with small hips and butt do not have big breasts.

We were both friends with this girl T. T had a big weight problem. She wasn't chubby, she was obese. She used to make comments to C all the time like, "God you can see your ribs, why don't you eat more," or "you look like Olive Oil." Her favorite sayings to me was, "Haven't you ever thought of a breast reduction? You look so fake," or "You look like a girl in a porno."

Now if one of us said, "Hey T, why don't you get off your fat ass and lose weight," we would have been the meanest people on the face of the Earth. C did actually shoot back with a "why don't you eat less?" once when she asked her "why don't you eat more?" T about had a nervous breakdown over that one, and she got a lot of sympathy from mutual friends over it.

C had just had it with her little jabs and finally spoke up. She was chastised for it, and I don't understand why people didn't see that what T was saying was just as mean. It was just as mean, as C was just as sensitive about her "weight problem" as T was. In fact, it was even worse for C because short of carrying around an IV full of calories, she could not do anything about her situation.

The reason I brought this up is because we had my neice's birthday this weekend. It is a mixture of the two families, which is night and day. It is like the rednecks meet the upwardly mobile professionals.

One of her Aunts on her Mother's side has a big problem with me. I always take the nieces and nephews out for the day for their birthday. We do lunch, shop, whatever they want. They get $100 for the day, and they can spend it doing/buying whatever they want. This year we went to a Build a Bear place and made teddy bears. She absolutely loved it, and actually, I did too.

So to say the neices and nephews are a bit spoiled would be an understatement. I do not have any children, and I do quite well for myself. I have spent the last 15 years scratching and crawling and fighting to be where I am now, and I enjoy my success. I enjoy spoiling the children, even with the devil's spawn otherwise known as my brother's children, who aren't near as bad when they are with just me because they know they can't get away with the shit they pull on their Mom.

Their Aunts are their Mom's side of the family are like welfare people. Well, they aren't like welfare people, they are welfare people and have been their entire adult lives. Neither one of them graduated high school, and they have made a career off of living off the hard earned tax dollars of productive citizens.

Before any of you tree huggers write in or email me about welfare, let me just say this. I know that people need help sometimes, but they do not need it when they are totally physically capable of working and have been in the system for 15-20 years. *steps off soap box*

Their Aunt D is totally cool, even though it ticks me off that she has never had a job, and that her Mom gives her money for her food stamps so that she can buy cigarettes. Their Aunt T is the one that seems to have this jealous streak for me.

Every year the children display what they got/did for their birthday day, and every year Aunt T says something shitty. Last year she said something to the effect of "Well, Aunt Kelly can buy all that stuff because she chose to have a career instead of a family. She'll pay for it when she's old and alone."

Now her saying this did not get to me, but the fact that she was trying to get to me got to me, if that makes any sense. My smart ass mouth opened before my brain could think and I said, "Someone's gotta pay taxes to pay your bills."

Opps..Did I really say that out loud? You bet your sweet ass I did.

Hence WWIII was started. Aunt T was humiliated, and left in a crying fit/rage. Sis-in-law was none to happy with me. Bro totally understood but was none to happy with me because of the fallout he would receive from said sis-in-law. Sister thought it was totally hilarious, and the rest of sis-in-law's family that didn't storm out with said welfare bitch were looking at me like I was a mix between Osama Bin Laden, the boogie man, and the Hey Koolaide! guy. Ok, I added the Hey Koolaide guy because he has always totally creeped me out.

So why didn't everyone get in an uproar when she said what she said to me? Why wasn't she Osama Bin Laden, the boogie man, and the Hey Koolaide! guy? Is it because I didn't cry? Is it because I didn't give anyone a chance and stood up for myself?

I don't get it. Like I said before, maybe someone can explain it to me. This year as the lil neice proudly showed off her new bear Summer in it's little pj's and slippers, Aunt T said, "Well that's from you SINGLE Aunt. When you don't have a family you can spend more money."

Bitch obviously doesn't learn, and I decided I'm not going to be the one to teach her and kept my trap shut. Man did I want to say something, but I didn't. She did tone it down a bit I guess, so maybe I taught her a little lesson.

*Side Notes*

Tad Bitter: In answer to your comment from a previous post, I'm not sure what the end to that story is yet. I'm quite sure we will not be knocking boots much longer, as he wants to be upgraded from "friends with benefits" to "boyfriend", and he does not meet my requirements for boyfriend material.

Thank you Patrick for informing me that I am now classified a

domestic terrorist under the new Patriot Act. I'll have to remember to update my resume with that one.


Annie said...

Yowsza! I love it when someone says what I am thinking. I too have relatives who love the Welfare wagon. I had heard that they were down on their luck and getting ready for a new baby so I gave them some leftover baby items (stroller, high chair, car seat). Two weeks later I found the same items at a consignment shop. They had turned them in for cash and then registered at Target for brand new things. I didn't ask what they used the cash for. I would like to think it was for diapers or formula but probably not.

kj4ever said...

One of my sis-in-laws's sisters got prego once the new Clinton laws came into effect. She did this on purpose to stay in the system, and she is with the Father of that child still. Getting married would take away her benefits.

I wanted so bad to ask her if she was going for a promotion, but I didn't. I almost wish I would have. lol

globalrenovation said...

I always thought the american welfare system was bad... try the French one! I find myself doing lots of things by myself (lifting boilers,putting on roofs,etc.)because after 12 hours of using a worker I either give him the boot or I own him (his wife and children as well) for the next 3 years. This means that I pay his unemployment and social security. If I use someone off the books I risque 2 years of prison and a 200000 euro fine!