Monday, January 03, 2005

White Trash

So yeah, here I am looking all white trash with my Christmas lights still up on my blog after New Year's Day.

Here's the deal. When I went on vacation, I had a couple of options.

1. I could redesign my blog, and make all new graphics. I've had this concept playing in my head, and I know what I want. The bad thing about this is I would be obsessed with it and work on it constantly until it met with my approval.

I also must admit that my coding skills suck ass right now as I have been doing more on the graphic end at work for quite awhile now. Use it or lose it.

So my whole concept thing would have eaten me alive until I had it done. Which would have taken forever, and my whole vacation would have end up being spent on sprucing up the place for after New Year's Day.

2. I could hire someone to do it for me. These seems kind of weak, considering a lot of it is what I actually do for a living. I checked out all the different blog designers sites, then I looked at the individual designer's work.

Then I found Cherry's portfolio. I really liked the stuff she had done in the past, and I figured she would be a good match for what I had envisioned for my blog.

So I ended up going with option #2, so that I could have a fun-filled 9 days off without getting all wrapped up in stuff I do every day for work.

It was a good choice, but Cherry is a bit busy so it may be a little bit before she can get to my blog. I have all the old code and graphics for my site at work, and I shall risk looking like white trash before I step one foot into the hell hole before I have to go there.

Which is tomorrow, by the way. Or today, depending on your outlook. Yes, I'm back to the daily 5:30 pm to 5:30 am grind.

That. Really. Sucks.

But then it kind of doesn't.

Here's the deal. I'm a worker. Yes, I've done major work around my house and accomplished a lot with my writing.

I'm bored.

It may be the fact that everyone I know works, so during the day there isn't shit to do. I met some friends for lunch a couple of the days, but other then that daytime hours got real long.

You can only clean so much, and when you have tastes like mine, you really can only shop so much before you are in big trouble. Throw in the fact that I hate hate hate going into any store between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you have some really boring days.

When you live a schedule like I do, you become really efficient at doing things. I brush my teeth in the shower. I put a load of laundry in to wash when I go to sleep, and in the dryer when I wake up. I do my daily exercise while the clothes are drying, and the coffee is making while I'm being tortured I mean running on the treadmill.

Every single one of my bills comes directly out of my paycheck, and every paycheck goes directly into my bank account.

I clean one room a day, so that I never have to have a major cleaning day. I write my blog posts on my lunch hour at work, and I upload them when I get home.

When you are gone 13-14 hours a day, you learn to use every single minute that you have.

So when I wasn't gone those 13-14 hours a day, what the hell was there to do when I pretty much to accomplish all those daily tasks in just a few hours?

What I did do was catch up on some pop culture things. I'm an imbecile when it comes to most pop culture type things. I've never seen the Apprentice or Desperate Housewives. I don't know what star is dating who, or who is marrying who.

After catching up on all that crap, I figured I was way fucking better off just not knowing.

One of my favorite things about my vacation was I did get caught up with some movies I wanted to see.

I saw the stink bomb that is "Ocean's 12", the surprisingly wonderful "The Aviator", and I rented a ton of other movies, namely "Open Water" (thanks a lot Tad). If my phobias about the ocean from when I was a little kid were subsiding, they are totally back in full force mode.

It was really good , but man did it mind fuck you. Like my mind wasn't fucked enough to begin with.

I also got to reconnect with some people I really missed. I have tons of friends, or acquaintances would probably be a better word, but my true friends, the ones I would trust with my life, the circle of soul mates...Those friends I got to have some serious quality time with, and that was just wonderful.

I went to some great parties, spent time with the nieces and nephews, avoided my sister, scrubbed the grout in my ceramic tile, got my cats into the vet, and went to the dreaded dentist.

After all this, the cleaning, the friends, the family, the running around, I am still bored.

I need to work. I need to feel productive. I think my parents implanted some kind of chip in my head to make me this way. It was either them or the government.

So back to work I go tomorrow, and while I'll whine and bitch and moan and complain, it is still just a tiny little bit nice to go back and fight the battles that is automobile manufacturing.

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