Monday, January 10, 2005

Blogger Book Deals

I know of two bloggers who now have books coming out in April. There's Gus Openshaw and now Pound#! has a site up for her new book.

Now a lot of us have read Gus's adventures over at the Whale Killing Journal. The humorous writing found there pretty much guarantees that his book will keep you in stitches.

Pound#!'s book will more then likely hit a note with most women, even those that do not need to lose weight. The title, "I'm Not the New Me" says it all, and most women have or have had problems with their body image.

So besides these two, what do we have to look forward to from our fellow bloggers? Perhaps a look into the life of a frazzled father? Perhaps a guide to being a Tall Poppy?

Maybe even a awfully commercial movie from the likes of yours truly?

Yeah, I said awfully commercial. My ex, The Director, read part of my first screenplay. "It's awfully commercial, isn't it?" he said.

Well I suppose it is. So what? "I just expected something totally different from someone that can recite "The History of the World Part I," he reasoned.

He assured me that it is funny, and that it would probably have Hollywood clamoring once I did a nice clean-up job on it.

I really hate passive-aggressive compliments.


Hell, he's not supposed to be talking to me anyway. Wifey-poo would probably have a mental breakdown if she knew he was talking to the Anti-Christ (his mom's pet name for me).

It's a comedy of course, and the jist of it is a man uses a secret identity on the Internet to know the inner most feelings of a woman he has just started dating.

I only sent him like the first 40 pages, and after his backhanded compliment he goes, "When are you doing to send me more? Does he get caught? Do the end up together?"

Ha! I'm so going to make him wait.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. The whole phenom of bloggers getting book deals. It really would be great if we, as a blogging community, supported these bloggers that had broken through that barrior and actually got signed. We need to make these publishers sit up and take notice of the power that is the blogosphere.

The best part? You can pre-order Gus's book and Wendy's Book.

What are you waiting for? Let's show some support people!

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