Sunday, January 09, 2005

Kelly the Riveter

So isn't Cherry the best? I no longer look like white trash. I've found out my old Christmas template has even been nominated for an an award. Not the kind of award most people would like to be nominated for, but I still think it's funny as hell.

She totally encompassed exactly what I wanted for my new blog design. You like?

I've always identified with good old Rosie over there, not just because I work in the automotive industry.

My Grandmother used to speak fondly of the picture, and had it prominently displayed in her restaurants. She would always talk about how the government came out with that to talk women into getting out and working while all the men were at war, encouraging them that even though they were women, "They could do it!"

This statement was usually met with a snort by her. Then she would always say in that raspy-Demi Moore like voice, "Then when the war was over they promptly told women to get their ass back in the kitchen. No man tells me where my ass goes."

I really hearted my Grandma, and if you are watching from up above or where ever, this blog design is for you.

Oh, and no one tells me where my ass goes either.

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