Monday, January 17, 2005

Fun with Tampons

A tampon commercial has brought back some rather sweet memories for me. Sounds weird, yes I know...

I'm TV Challenged. I barely watch it except for a few staples, so commercials are something I usually don't see. During the Star Jones fiasco, I saw a commercial that brought a smile to my face.

It was that cheesy one that had the Meatloaf song "Anything for Love" playing in the background, and it showed a guy folding underwear in a laundromat, doing yoga, and buying tampons while dealing with a price check.

I was visiting my ex boyfriend in Cali when he was my boyfriend, and we were going to take his boat out. Much to my dismay, the womanly curse had started a couple of days early, and I didn't have anything appropriate for a bikini...

We stopped at a local Walmart, and to my surprise he came in with me even though he knew what I was getting. He stared in awe at all the different selections in the feminine hygiene department.

There were a few women that looked a bit uneasy to have a man in the isle picking up boxes and saying "How about these?" I located the Teen ones that I use, and as we were walking out of the isle he spotted what a man would think would be the ultimate tampon: The Super.

"Look at these!!" he shouted. "More power!" he said as he made Tim Allen Arrgg Arrgg Arrgg noises.

People were starting to look as I said, "Honey, put those back. They are to big for me."

"Yeah they are...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," he proclaimed while making outrageous tiger noises and swinging me around.

It's too bad we had too many things that caused us to spontaneously combust, because it sure is rare to find a man that makes tampon shopping a fun experience, oh yes it is...

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