Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Miss My Door

About a year ago, I was forced to give up my door at work. They were going for this new concept. Yes, the dreaded cubicle.

It's not really a cubicle, as we do not have tall walls around us. There are short walls around us. So that we can see each other and *share*...

This has got to be about the worst way to work ever invented. People are freakin' rude. They will see me sitting at my computer, busily working away, and will just STAND there behind me, or worse yet, start asking me their question, even if I'm on the phone.

All of this forced me to make a sign that read, "Please let me stop what I'm doing so that I can handle your emergency!" This prompted the PC Police to swoop down on me, as someone found it "offensive". The funny thing was, the person that found it offensive is the worst offender of interrupting me when I am busy.

My job does require a lot of contact with people. Everyone that works in the plant uses the system that I run. I'm in high demand, and being that visible is not a good thing.

I have now taken to acting like people are invisible. Oh, and mute. If I'm obviously busy doing something, I act like they aren't there. Rude? Oh yes, it is very rude, but I'm beyond the point of caring.

The longest someone ever stood there while I pretended they were invisible and/or mute? 9 and 1/2 minutes. What an idiot.

It's also really loud. I do things like dissect the whole electrical system for a car into graphical form. This, my dear readers, is a rather daunting task, as most things I do are. Programming is also involved, and anyone that has ever done either of the things will tell you that you need absolute quiet.

The guy next to me loves to blast his music. The guy on the other side of me has a crush on the girl two desks to the other side of me, and is always joking around with her, talking over me and the dude with the loud music.


This is one good thing about the horrendous shift I work, 5:30pm to 5:30am. I forgot how nice it is to work in peace and quiet. Barely an interruption, I am at least 10 times more productive.

So what brain child came up with this concept? I guess our European counterparts have this concept going on, and our company thought it would encourage people to communicate and work together.

I asked one of said Europeans that visits our plants on a regular basis if this really works over there. He told me, "Yes, it works quite well actually. It is not such a good idea here as Americans tend to be a bit more boisterous."

Translation: We are loud as hell.

So any of you Americans out there that might be considering going to an "open" concept at work: DON'T DO IT. Keep your door, and window if you are lucky enough to have one.


JGirten said...


I love it.. you and must have been seperated at birth.

I work in a very fast paced environment and I have interactions with about 1200 people in my office and my team and I train them, so we are very visable. My office is hidden away and I do have a door, but I know that even with the door people think they can just walk in.. no matter what.. It can say in big letters.. CONFERENCE CALL, DO NOT DISTURB and people take this as they dont need to knock, they can just walk in.. ughhhhhh it makes me want to scream.. I also travel a bit and it happens no matter where I go.. What is going through peoples minds...

I love that you made someone stand there 9 1/2 min. I guess I am a sucker, I give in, but when I do I am not usually nice at all.. ha ha


Anonymous said...

i'm a music offender that ended up in his own office - presumably so the others could get work done. now i have a nice view of the water and all those other suckers are stuck out on the floor! not a very fair world, is it?


MR Hester said...

I build websites and write the code to make reports display on said websites and totally understand your complaint as I currently work in a cubicle. One co-worker plays country music and the other listens to some sports commentary and I think they are trying to drown each other out. Also, for some strange reason, they feel the need to make comments to me about my personel phone conversations (while I'm on the phone). I always end the call and say "I'll have to call you back somewhere private as the walls have big ears around here and feel the need to comment". They haven't gotten the hint yet.

the urban fox said...

I thought the cubicle idea came from America? When open plan offices came to Europe, they said it was "American style".

Sounds like they were playing our continents off against each other. And we fell for it. Bah.

kj4ever said...

Jesse, you are all that is wrong with this world. Starting tomorrow, I am going to start blasting Ozzy throughout the office. Hey, it worked for the military, why not me? Or is there a particular kind of music that shall get me moved faster. Tell me more, tell me more...

kj4ever said...

Oh Hester, I so can relate. They don't even try and HIDE the fact that they are listening in...

kj4ever said...

Urban Fox, this must be a world wide conspiracy, and it must stop. I propose we all start writing everything in ALL CAPS AT WORK UNTIL IT ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF THEM BAD ENOUGH THAT THEY GIVE US OUR DOORS BACK.

Robin said...

You are hysterical!!! You sound like me. I totally hate people!!! Well, the stupid ones, anyway. After a bad day I will usually ask Rich, "Did I ever tell you...." and he will say, "That you hate people? Ya honey, I know!"
I love this blog!!