Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Blog It Forward

I ran across this post about Blog It Forward Day, or BIF for short.

Basically, you have a post describing some of the blog links on your page and why you heart them. Hopefully people will go visit them, thus Blogging It Forward. Here we go:

Tall Poppy Diaries: I heart Pink Poppy because she has all the greatest fashions and trends going. She has great shopping links, hilarious pictures, and heart-felt stories.

There are many trend type blogs out there, but the Poppster infuses hers with heart, laughter, and class. She's also my Blog Explosion Pimp, and a hell of a lady.

The Bulgy Bit: I heart this blog because it's author gives many different perspectives to things in life. She's an ex-pat from Canada that lives all over the world. She was in Africa, but recently she has moved to Egypt. You get a unique view of how things work all around the world, and she's a damn good writer.

Pound: I've hearted Pound for years. She started out as a diary, and became a blog a year or two ago. The old diary entries are still there, and she discusses everything from Pop Culture to her struggles with weight loss.

She's a great writer, which is apparent as she is about to publish her first book. Go take a look-see, and you can say you knew her when!

Annie in Montana: I heart Annie in Montana because of her honesty. You can tell with every post that she is letting you in on just a bit of her life and showing even more of her heart. She's a natural born storyteller that brings you into her tales like you were there right along side of her as it was happening.

She is working on Hollywood via Montana, and if anyone can do it, Annie can.

Gus Openshaw's Whale Killing Journal: I heart Gus Openshaw's Whale Killing Journal for it's creativity, humor, and artwork, or scrimshaws as they are called there.

It is about a man who's wife, kid, and arm were eaten by a whale, and he's out seeking revenge. You need to start from the beginning to appreciate this blog, but it is time well spent. He's a great guy too, I might add.

The Zero Boss: I heart the Zero Boss because well, he's the Zero Boss. A man living with all those kids gives such a refreshing perspective on life. I also found him through Blog Explosion, which made every minute spent with BE well worth it.

If I didn't list you here, please don't be hurt. I'm on a time limit here, and the original BIF said to do two or three, but I went with six because I'm an over achiever like that.

Happy surfing!


Snowbabies said...

Hi, just surfed in through you know where....

I've been admiring the Christmas decorations, love the blog title too!


kj4ever said...

Hey, thanks.

I know it is way to early for that, but I have limited time so I had to do what I had to

The Zero Boss said...

Cut it out, woman, I'm getting all teary here...

Pink Poppy said...

Awwww...Tissues, please! Not only is "Pay It Forward" one of the most tear-jerking movies I have ever seen, but what a lovely tribute to Moi. And I'm not even DEAD! Maybe I'm just living right? Thanks, K. And great idea. I do a lot of linking to favorite blogs, anyway, but maybe I should BIF this week! Cool plan...

Annie said...

What can I say? You overwhelm me with your kindness! Thanks for making my day...