Saturday, November 06, 2004

An Eye for an Eye

I heart Blog Explosion.

They just came up with another new feature that is absolutely fantastic.

You can see who rated your blog, and what they rated it.

The reason this is such a good feature is I think some people were abusing the rating system. For example, I was checking out the Blog Directory and was pleasantly surprised to find not only myself, but my BE Pimp Poppy on the top ten rated blog list. I was at like 7.6 and Poppy was at 7.9.

It updates like every hour, so the next time I checked we were both off the list. I fell to a 5, and Poppy to a 6.

Bastards. That's just not right.

Now you can see the low ballers! Not only can you see them, but you can turn around and rate them the same way they rated you! I don't plan on doing this, but I just might if someone keeps doing it over and over. eh hem...

I'm not saying my blog is a perfect 10, but considering my current ratings that show (anything before Nov. 3rd doesn't show) I have a 10, 10, 10, 9, 9, 7, 6, and a 1, I'd tend to think that the 1 was an on purpose kind of deal. Some people won't dig my blog, and I can understand that. But a 1? Come on...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. I try to rate objectively without regards to content. More of a style rating I guess. How the site is setup, is it easy to read, is it very distracting from the main content. If I run across a blog that hasn't updated in more than 5 days though I tend to blast them with a low number. I did that yesterday and the owner came back to me with the same number. Oh yeah, that burned. NOT! How kindergarten can you be?


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I rate on a scale of is it someone who's blog I want to come back to. Is it a bunch of political ramblings that are firing their hatred for the other party into the world.

Did I enjoy reading it...most of all..

If you are blogmarked by me, chances are I gave you a good fact I just did...9 out of 10 isn't bad..cos nobody's perfect. :)

Chox said...

i get blog angst, WHY WOULD SOMEONE GIVE MY BLOG A POOR RATING??? then i go watch infomercials. it's a vicious cycle.

The Mad Tech said...

The current rating system is a joke mainly because in the aftermath of the election, people are low-balling blogs based strictly on their political views.

I had noticed that my rating was in a downward sprial in the days leading up to the election, now it's headed northward again.

I don't have anything near to the best blog out there and to that point, I don't even expect to agree with me on anything even 10% of the time.

Sorry for ranting KJ.

The Mad Tech

Rich Rosenthal II said...

I've onticed that now that people an see the rating there are a lot of people going around voting everything and anything a 10. Now that people can see votes I have a hard time voting on anything I think is under a 7 who wants to hear they are right in the middle as a 5 almost as bad as getting a one at least with a 1 you know there is a probability of bias. with a five they are honestly saying, "You are pretty mediocre and unexceptional."

Rachel Ann said...

I tend not to rate anything lower than a 7 because, why? If I don't like a site I don't blogmark it and I don't go back. If I do like a site than I'm glad to be there and glad to give them a positive rating to show my appreciation.

If style bother's someone---If you don't like my site, I really would appreciate a comment on why, rather than just a low mark.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to avoid the whole rating thing altogether. I obsessed for a minute or two, then only recently had a bit of an obsessing renaissance when my rating dropped from 8 to 6 with two votes. Which for anyone doing the math means they must have really hated something about my blog. I am adopting the philosphy that I will rate none, and will no longer (read:try) read my own rating either. If you don't like a blog, just move along. They are not being rationed and there is clearly not a blog shortage out there.

/my $0.02

p.s. Good work spotting that ‘The Zero Boss’ had a parasite (plagiarism is wrong kids!)


kj4ever said...

I agree, Sam, that it is not something to get your panties in a bunch over.

The doing it on purpose did get my goat part, and after I posted this I got a bunch of 1's from BE users that don't have blogs assigned to their account.

Eh, screw 'em. I would have liked to have thought of it as constructive feedback, but that is looking near to impossible.

Anonymous said...

my blog - etherian's island -

Rating a blog, just about any blog a 1 is really an insult and a waste of time. On design alone I'd give you a seven because your layout shows up well in Mozilla Firefox and loads quickly. It's also easy on the eyes for reading. Then I'd go up to nine for content because you always have something interesting to say.