Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Being Popular's a Bitch

Thanks to my post about my faerie costume looking a bit slut-ish (promise pictures coming soon Poppy, I'm still stalking my friend), a search engine picked up the word slut in my post, and it has brought me some rather undesirable readers.

Here's an example of an email I received the other day:

U R hot. U should put up a full body shot because I bet u r even hotter then.

IM me sometime.

Oooook...I have gotten like 5 people like this who have emailed me. Is it time to take the email down? Is it time to take the picture down? Hell I put a pic up where I don't even have make-up on and my hair looks like crap.

Most of these came from the dubious search engine results, and some may have come from Blog Explosion I guess. I get an awful lot of traffic from there.

This makes me think of two different things. Why do I have my picture up, and why do so many people not have their picture up.

I'm a veteran when it comes to blogging, as I've had several in the past. If your reason for not putting your pic up is so that no one will know it's you, let me tell you one thing. If you write about your life and are true to it, people will know it's you even with name/location changes.

I guess I put my pic up because I'm a visual person. I like blogs that do that, because I can visualize the person who is writing it. The agonizing part for me was picking which one, as I know all to well about the predatory pervs that the net attracts like flies on shit.

This is no way means that I think a photo of me is the shit. These people are not picky. If you are half way attractive and do not weigh 500 lbs they descend like a pack of wolves on an unguarded lamb.

Ok, I realize that was lame, but I was up all freakin' night with the election junk and I didn't want to use fly on shit twice. This post just blows.

I'd say while surfing BE one in maybe 10 will have a picture of themselves on it. Why, or why not do you have your picture on your blog?

In unrelated news, the Original Party People (my parents for any newbies) have moved back their visit to the weekend of the 12th, as my cousin is going down there for her birthday. They still have to plan that wedding though, as it is only 2 years away!

OH hell the link is down there somewhere about the wedding. It's the post called "My Parental Units Have Decided to Get Married Again" To tired to do HTML.

I'm allowed to write posts that blow and be lazy today.


Annie said...

The words slut and blow in one entry. I am laughing my ass off!

kj4ever said...


I bet the search engines will have a field day with that one...

Anonymous said...

OH MY, Mary Sunshine! Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or what? Or, I guess you get up in the afternoon. Anyway, I'm in that boat with you and WHEW could I use some shut eye. And, yes, I'm anxious for the pics, but I'm a patient, cheery sort--I'm willing to cut you some slack. For now.

As for the pic, I have been known to post pics of myself from time to time on my site--just not on my profile. I know that it is fairly simple to put two and two together with a bit of search engine prowess and find a pic of me elsewhere. I have lived most of my life in front of the camera for one reason or another, so I'm certainly not camera shy.

I think that for me it's that old "living in a glass house" syndrome. It's nice to sort of get away from all that online. Even though I don't try to be anonymous per se, you have to really look and read to figure out who I am...and I like that. People make many judgements about you based solely on the way you look. I like having one place where I can "talk" and not have what I've said judged for better or worse because of the way I look. That's why I have forgone the Profile pic. Don't wanna make it TOO easy on them...

Pink Poppy said...

For the record, I wasn't trying to be anonymous in that last post...I guess I didn't notice that the "anonymous" button was marked. How ironic though, huh?

CAD Monkey said...

The reason I haven't put up a real pic of myself is because I write about how much my current job bites it. I know there's still the VERY REAL possibility that they will find out, but I want to at least make it difficult for them.

The pic I do have up looks similar to me, though!