Monday, January 02, 2006

Big in 2005

That was the name of the show I watched while the Mystery Man slept the sleep of a deeply satisfied man (Thank you God), and I decided I'd have my own Big in 2005 post.

Granted, I've sucked ass as a blogger in 2005. 2004 saw daily posts from me, but 2005 just kicked me in my proverbial ass personally.

Not much of an excuse, but 12 hour working days, one very sick Father, countless speeding trips to Mississippi to see said Father, and a sister that turned our whole family upside down causing me to get anther roommate, my 19 year old niece, was a big part of the reason why I didn't blog nearly as much as I did in the past.

But now, dear readers who are left, my Dad is much better (thank you God again), work has calmed down, and life with the niece and nephew is just peachy.

I still had some Big in 2005 moments here at FFS. Between search engines and the people who faithfully read my blog even when there was nothing new to read, FFS had some posts that got quite a bit of attention.

My Wanted: post from February about what I want in a boyfriend got a lot of attention, especially from Search Engines. I received three email proposals from this post. Not to shabby, eh?

The Echo Bastards post received quite a bit of attention as did the Angry Xer's vs. Delusional Boomers and it's compliment post 50 is the new 30.

Damn those Boomers can search, the Echos and the Babies. Most Baby Boomers sought these posts, especially the 50 is the new 30. 50 is the new 30 my 35 year old ass. I now feel justified in ripping on the "Me" Generation, as they proved again how everything is about THEM.

God don't get me started on that crap again. I've gotten my fill of hate mail over that, thankyouverymuch.

Rock it like a porn star received it's fair share of search engine hits, but I'm assuming the people searching for Porn Star, or pulling porn star hair came back from it a bit disappointed.

Oh, and while we are on the subject, any of you searching for kids doing certain things, get your sick fucking asses off my blog. I have no clue how searching for that (which I'm not going to say as it might pop up even more in the engines) brings you to my blog, but get the fuck out of here you sick, perverted ass.

Oh, and you people searching for Slut Bratz Dolls or naked Bratz Dolls or Bratz Dolls having sex, please get therapy, and soon.

Project Greenlight, one of my guilty pleasures, saw tons of hits from search engines and linky love alike. My buddy Gus's book got a ton of search and linky love. There is great news for 2006, as he has another deal in the works for the Gus Openshaw Blog to become a book, and soon. I'll keep you posted, because I'm sure it will be every bit as good as The Pirates of Pensacola.

I think Mr. Gus needs to start a blog about getting your damn blogs made into books, because he sure has the market covered, the lucky bastard. I still love him though.

There are a bunch more posts that had lots 'o linky love, but I'm just tired right now. I could say that I'll continue this post later, but I know I won't. I just needed something mindless to blog today as I just got back from my trip, God was kind, and I had a GREAT time. Whether is was the enormous mistake that I fear is yet to be seen, but I'll take it as it comes for now.

2006 is looking like it's going to be much better then 2005, indeed.

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