Wednesday, February 16, 2005


So now that I have finally said goodbye to the past, I can now look to the future. What would I want in a man? Here's what a singles ad from me would look like:

SWF seeking SM

SWF, 34, seeks SM for friendship and possible romance. SM must be kind, generous, and ambitious. If SM is over 6' tall, that is a definite plus, but anyone over 5'9 will be accepted.

Some other things considered as pluses: Having a job, having a clue, and having patience. Must be ready, willing, and able to treat me in the manner in which I have become accustom to, or SM will quickly find himself replaced with the next SM who is over 5' 9 that is standing in line behind him.

SM must stay on his side of the bed except for jointly agreed upon activities, but must be willing to be used for heat when it is cold outside. SM will have to get along with the best friend and the best friend-in-law. No compromise on that one.

He must also tolerate the other 7 crazy fuckers that are my good friends.

SM must be brave as my Dad and Brother are 6'5 and 6'4 respectively, and they would kill on site if someone hurt me.

So ya think he exists?

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