Monday, February 28, 2005

Excuse Me While I Throw Up

Working on Big Project at Work + the Stomach Flu + Having Big Oscar Party= No Blogging. I'm so sorry to leave you hanging on my second Evile Baby Boomer Vs. the Whatever Gen Xer's.

My stomach flu had seemed to go away today, but then I watched the Academy Awards and now it's back.

Talk about sucking big ass. The seventh sign also happened as I lay on the couch and Donald Trump said in an interview, "Making those people gather on the stage or worse yet giving them their awards in their seats was the vision of tackiness.

Actually, it's like two seventh signs. One, I agreed with Donald Trump, and two, Donald Trump found something tackier then him.

So I promise to be back with my second Gen Xer observation, and maybe a small wrap up of the whole Oscar fiasco if my strength is up. I'm still kind of woozy and weak, so it'll depend on how I feel.

Thanks for all the "Are you Dead" emails. I'm not dead, it just felt like it for awhile!

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