Sunday, February 20, 2005

Where's Waldo?

Or better yet, where's kj?

Kj is working her little ass off.

I have this really huge project at work, and it is cutting into my writing time. Usually I write my posts at work when I take a break, but lately, I haven't exactly been getting a break.

It is one of those huge problem solving/time saving things, which is one of my fav things in the world. I love figuring out and doing something that some say is impossible. I live for that kind of stuff actually...

I still write every day, but my "at home" writing time is usually dedicated to my scripts, and after I've pounded out some pages on that bad boy I've expended my built up creative energy. The whole "impossible project" type deals also zap away at the creativity, so unfortunately not much is left over for my blog.

The really good news? I had a breakthrough on Friday, and my lil impossible project at work is about to become a reality next week. So next week will be a little rough while I implement it, but after that hopefully I will return you to your regularly schedule goofy blonde chick blog....

Don't fret though, as I'm sure I'll find junk to bitch about even though my creativity is zapped at the moment...

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