Friday, February 11, 2005

The Beginning of the End

I've always kind of thought that Valentine's Day was a bit of an unlucky day for me, as I've had bad experiences with several of the X's on this day. In continuation from yesterday, V-Day was the beginning of the end with me and The Mystery Man.

He had moved away for probably about a year when he got a new personal assistant. She was young, early twenty-ish, kind of shy, kind of mousy. I'm sure any attention from this ruggedly handsome, early 30's, powerful, rich man was quite a rush for her. She had a king sized crush on my boyfriend, which I thought was incredibly adorable.

Yes, I said incredibly adorable. I don't think I have a jealous bone in my body. Usually I chalk up my security to arrogance as why on Earth would anyone do something that would fuck up a relationship when they were with ME? Terrible, I know, but it's one of my finer qualities I think...

Anyway, the PA had this huge crush on him, and didn't exactly appreciate me to much I'm sure. She was never mean to me or anything of that sort, but she was always disappointed if I called, with the whole "oh, it's you" tone to her voice. It was worse on the weekends, as she seemed a bit depressed when I was there. He'd always give her the weekend off, but usually she found a reason to come around.

God, I wouldn't be in my early 20's again for anything in the world....

So where was I? Oh yes, the beginning of the end. It was V-Day, and he called to see if I got my present. We were going to celebrate that following weekend when we were together, but he insisted on me having my present ON V-Day, which at first I thought was rather sweet.

I didn't get it the day before, and he was a bit ticked off. He said he had sent the PA to send it and told her to make sure I'd get it on the 14th.

Well, right before I left for work the lovely folks at the USPS showed up, and I signed for my package. I called him up, and opened it while he was on the phone.

The first thing I noticed was that beautiful Tiffany blue box. Expensive was running through my head, but I had gotten used to him being able to spend a bit more then your average boyfriend. As long as he didn't go to overboard I didn't protest.

So I opened it. Inside was a really beautiful diamond and gold earing, bracelt, and necklace set.

I was so pissed off you wouldn't believe. Why, you may ask? First off, I'm allergic to gold.

Yes, he was well aware of that fact and had bought jewerly for me in the past, which was never gold because of it. It was also a bit showy, and I'm not a big fan of diamonds, especially real big ones.

Yes, I'm strange. Great big rocks belong on the hand of a 50 year old, not a 30 year old.

Anyway, what did this all equal? This all equaled not only did his PA send it, she also picked out my Valentine's Day present.

I didn't go off on him, but quietly asked him if he forgot I was allergic to gold. "It's gold???" he asked.


He eventually broke down and admitted that he sent the PA out with his credit card to pick out my present, but that he had specifically told her not to get gold because I was allergic to it.

I dont' know about you, but I'm guessing she did it on purpose. I'm guessing he thought she did to, because he fired her for doing it.

So how was this the beginning of the end? I'm sure a lot of guys probably have other people pick out presents for their significant others.

A guy I would want to be with wouldn't do that.

He'd know me well enough to know what to get, and take the time to pick it out. Hell, he at least could have looked at it before he sent it.

In actuality I would have been happy with a card and some daisies. I would have been tickled pink. He spent an awful lot of money to just piss me off.

This kind of made me see the differences between us I guess. In my family, gift giving is never about the amount of money spent, but the thought that is put into it. He came from a totally different world then me, and once his guard was down, I started seeing just how much he expected to "buy" different things in life, including me.

Except I could care less about that kind of stuff, and my ass isn't for sale.

So I don't know if he had gradually worked his way up to buying things I normally wouldn't except, or if he was just comfortable enough by that time to be more like himself?

It seemed like if something was wrong between us money would fix it. He could send me something expensive or take me to an exotic location for the weeekend.

For me, all this did was make things worse, and that is why this first experience was the beginning of the end....

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