Thursday, February 03, 2005

Get your Scrimshaw!

For those of you who have lived in a closet and haven't been reading the adventures of Gus Openshaw, there is a new site on the horizon.

It is for his book, The Pirates of Pensacola.

One of his shipmates, Nelson, is starting a blog over there. Not only is that exciting in itself, but if you send in a pirate story, you can get yourself scrimshawed by Flarq, the harpoonist. Now if you click that scrimshaw link, you will see just how talented Flarq is, and how cool would it be to have someone draw you who is that talented?

Check it out folks, it's totally worth it.

*Any of you looking for the Tall Poppy story, keep on truckin' it's right under this post*

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