Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A day late and a dollar short

Yes, it's Tuesday, and yes, the Oscars were Monday.

I had the stomach flu, and I have a note from my Doctor. I kind of wonder if the whole Oscar Extravaganza was the reason why I couldn't hold anything down, because most of the Oscar telecast did just that-it made me sick.

Talk about being disappointed. In a big caste system the lower people were herded like cattle on stage. Even worse a fate was met by people less then the second class citizens, as they had to receive their awards in the audience.

In the audience... Was it just me, or did Cate Blanchet look really, really uncomfortable giving away that first award in the nose bleeds?

What the hell were they saying to these people? Basically, you aren't as good as the other people winning an Oscar. I mean, image you are winning an Oscar, and you are pretty much one of the unsung people on the project. I guess they just wanted to sing a little for these people, as they aren't nearly as important as the actors, directors, and surprisingly, the cinematographers.

Speaking of singing, in a great big high school popularity contest the people that actually did the work for the movies and sang the songs for the movies and were probably a big reason why the songs even got nominated were pushed aside for Beyonce and Antonio Banderas.

I really feel for Minnie Driver and Jorge Drexler. They were the ones that put the sweat in, but the academy pushed them to the side for the head cheerleader and the captain of the football team. I don't even think that Antonio is captain of the football team material, but maybe head of the student body?

Either way, it was wrong, wrong, wrong. I suppose I feel more for Jorge Drexler as he wrote and performed the song. It was actually a monumental moment for the foreign language song, as it was the first time a Spanish song won. They took away part of this man's night by having him sit in the audience while Antonio and Santana performed his song.

I don't know the name of the French performer that sang the other song, but I'd feel sorry for them to if I knew who they were. I'm surprised that they didn't let Sean Penn sing "Accidentally in Love" as the Counting Crows aren't exactly a big name anymore.

Speaking of Sean Penn, someone better check the lost and found over at the Kodak Theater, because he seems to have lost his fucking sense of humor...

I liked Chris Rock...I thought Jamie did a gracious and touching acceptance speech....The whole Magic Johnson theater bit was hilarious...

That part really kind of made me think. The Oscars aren't exactly a big popularity contest. Most people haven't seen the movies that were winning all these awards, but the Academy goes by the craft, and who does the best job.

Unless you are a make up artist or a documentarian. Then you just get your award in your seat.

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