Monday, February 07, 2005

The Ad Bowl Sucked

So I went to my best friend's house for our annual "Let's totally annoy her hubby by ignorning the game, and bitching about the game until the commercials come on."

It sucked ass, hardcore.

I don't know if it was the morality police or just a true lack of vision, but the commercials just sucked. I have a tendancy not to point at the morality police, because things don't have to be offensive or deviant to still be funny.

There were a couple of good ones. Call me biased, but the Ford Mustang commercial was good. The company explained how it would just be irresponsible to come out with a convertible Mustang this time of year, as a cop walks up to a frozen driver at a green light.

A red Mustang convertible. I WANT ONE. (Sorry Rich, they got to me.)

I liked the diet pepsi truck commercial with P. Diddy, and the sad, sad truth it showed about American culture. Yes, if P. Diddy drove a diet pepsi truck, everyone would. Same for Cedric designated driver commercial. That was pretty funny, with a hell of a message.

The career builder commercials with the monkeys were the best, if you ask me. It kind of reminded me of my own workplace, so I might be biased again. The monkey kissing the bosses ass, and when the monkey picked up the phone and the dude said, "It didn't ring" were two of the only laugh out loud moments I had during the whole ad bowl.

There was one commercial that I'm not sure if it was funny or clever. All I know is Brad Pitt was in it, and R and I just said "Brad Pitt Eeeeeeeeeeeee!" We then zoned out in Brad Pitt heaven as we watched him strut down a street with people following him to some cheesy rock song.

I don't remember what it was advertising, I don't remember if it was funny, but it had Brad! Pitt! in it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm so not going to watch these damn Super Bowls anymore if the damn advertisers don't get off their collective asses and start producing some funny shit.

My best friend-in-law was pretty understanding during all of this girl heaven stuff going on, as he tried to focus on the game. He did an eye roll at the Brad Pitt Teenie Bopper Scream, but he was a brave soldier and stayed with us.

Around the 3rd quarter I think it's called? I looked at my best friend and said, "That thrower guy just sucks!"

"What do you mean, that thrower dude?" the best friend-in-law asked. R chimed in, "The dude that throws the ball...Duh..."

"YOU MEAN THE QUARTERBACK???" he practically yelled.

"Yeah, the thrower dude," we said in unision.


Some people...

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