Saturday, January 06, 2007

So What's Happenin?

So it's been almost a month since I wrote anything here. What's been going down on my end of the blogosphere you might ask?

I blame my Mother totally for this one. My niece and I made an impromptu trip south of the Mason-Dixie line to visit the parental units.

While visiting and having a grand old time the Sci-Fi channel had this marathon on. It was a show I had never heard of before.


"Ooooooh I love this show," my 60 something year old Mother gushed. "They say it's like a mix of Dawson's Creek and The X-Files."

So the thought of my Mom even knowing what Dawson's Creek is blows my mind, until she tells me that she has no idea what it is but it must be good if it is like this show.

Immediately I think this Roswell must be about horrible.

But then we started watching it, and watching it, and watching it.

It hooks you I tell you, and it is great. It has Katherine Heigl pre Grey's, Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami later on in season three, that dude from The Grudge Jason Behr, Shiri Appleby from my all time favorite Project Greenlight Season, and Brendan Fehr also from CSI Miami.

But the biggest surprise of this whole little show were two of the actors that have me as a fan for life: Colin Hanks (yes, Tom is his Dad but I didn't realize that until a sugar fueled coma sometime while I was watching season 3) and Majandra Delfino.

Two of the finest comedic actors I have seen in a looooooooong time. Truly gifted.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, so the addiction began at my Mom's as we watched 4 episodes of season 2. I really didn't understand what was going on as you kind of should start from the beginning in a show like this.

So before using up three of my Netflix movies on this, I wandered over to You Tube and looked to see if they had any episodes uploaded.

And here it is, the beginning of the end:

I watched this and changed my little queue in Netflix for the first three disks of Roswell Season One.

My niece and I ate them up like candy, and we decided we could not wait on Netflix for our Roswell fix so I trucked on over to Amazon and ordered all three seasons.

Which I think brings up another interesting little point to the whole debate about You Tube and copyrighted material and all that jazz. I'm totally ADD. If I wouldn't have found it and watched that moment when Liz is saved by Max, I prolly would have forgotten all about Roswell.

Instead I bought the whole series. Then I bought the whole series for my Mom for Christmas since she said she used to get to watch it every day but now Sci-Fi only has it on at like 4 in the morning on Fridays.

Anyway, so my niece and I have spent a month watching three years of TV. We got to experience the ups and downs of Alien Hybrid teenagers figure out who they are, their place in this world, and how to deal with their human counterparts.

Classic TV folks, I'd highly recommend it.

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