Friday, January 26, 2007

Gay Rehab

So does anyone know what exactly gay rehab is?

McPsychobigot has went to gay rehab to atone for his sins.

What do they do exactly in gay rehab? Do they make them get manicures and talk about their feelings?

This whole subject with McPsychobigot just really gets to me. We seem to have a large ratio of gay people in my family, and I was always raised with the thinking of it's normal. That is how some people are, it is just how they feel and there is nothing wrong with it.

So to have someone talk like McPsychobigot, especially someone that knows how bad those kinds of words can hurt someone-how dangerous they are, and then flat out lie, and then turn around and say "OOooooooh I'm going to rehab because I need help" just stinks. Just typing it has smelled up my whole blog.

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night, and as Isaiah entered a scene all I could think about was what a nasty creature he is. There was no disconnecting the person from the character.

Gay Rehab my ass. They need to fire his ass before one of my favorite shows is just forever gone to me.

I'm really getting tired of these celebs that do these horrible things and just say "I need help, I'm going to rehab." Gibson can be the biggest bigot in the world, say really hateful, dangerous things, but then say he's a drunk so that's why.

Bullshit. Some things are just wrong no matter what.

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