Thursday, December 07, 2006


So yes, I am a big time Scrooge this year. I did my Christmas shopping in 20 minutes at Tar-jay. In the gift card section.

The only people I bought actually presents that need wrapping paper and bows and all that jazz are for my parents-and I bought those on-line.

I've never been a gift card type person. The whole thrill of finding that perfect present that would make someone's face light up when they opened it, yeah that was me.

Bottom line is I'm just tired this year. That, and I won $1500 gambling Thanksgiving weekend so it made it real freakin' easy to stop by that poor man's Cosco and finish Christmas in no time flat.

The whole "B" word is coming up too, and I don't know how happy I am about that. I'm mean Jesus, I'll be 36. Thirty-six. Dare I say that is closer to the 40's then the 20's? Granted, I wouldn't go back to the two-oooohs for nothing in this world, and the thirties have been good to me thus far, but I'm tellin' ya....No birthday's have ever freaked me out, but when I turn 40 I think I'm going to have some kind of breakdown. At it is still over 4 years away.

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