Monday, January 08, 2007

The first day of work

So no, I didn't go and get another job or anything, it's just that so many people at work have taken the "you suck so we'll pay you to get the fuck out" package that many days feel like the first day of work.

The worst part is I have all new bosses. It takes awhile to train a boss. I just got the last one broke in rather well when he went to be like the head of international quality for a major cell phone company.

He did give me a free Razor at least......

At first it seemed like it'd be ok, till one of the new bosses is one of those. The I'm fucking superman you peon so listen up types.

Needless to say him and I spent a good month or so not getting along so well. This came to an end when I finally told him, "Look dude, I can be your best friend or you worst fucking nightmare. Take your pick."

You have to know a lot of shit to get away with saying something like that, and fortunately I know more shit than anyone.

It's been roses and kittens since then with the one with the God complex. Well, with me anyway. Everyone else still has major problems and they still hate him, but hell that is their problem for not knowing a lot of shit.

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