Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Be Mine?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm expecting my usual Valentine's Day Extravaganza tonight since I have to work.

I actually celebrated Valentine's Day this weekend with someone that might be special down the road. This is my first V-Day without The Mystery Man in a looooooong time.

I had quite forgotten just how hard they try when they haven't "gotten" you yet.

It's quite nice, actually. Maybe my Dad is right. I'm so sweet I've turned rotten.

I got an extra V-Day gift that I wasn't expecting. My counter went past 50,000! I didn't install it until I had my blog for about a year so it is way more then that, but it is nice to reach that point, even though I was a bad blogger and had to deal with personal junk for a couple of months.

So thank you for the unexpected V-Day gift, dear readers. I truly appreciate it!

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