Monday, June 13, 2005

My Blog Birthday

So today is my blog birthday. I've been writing here for a year today.

Wow, a year sure goes by awful fast...

I started writing a blog again because I needed a creative outlet. Work was complete hell, and I was probably putting in around 80 hours a week at the time.

Then I started discovering other blogs that I really loved. Most of them are over to the left in the daily reads section. I was pleasantly surprised to find these wonderful blogs, and they all in their own way sparked some type of creativity in me. This is why I've kept them in a separate section from my other links, just because they are special to me in their own way.

I also "met" some of these bloggers, and have "talked" to some of them a lot outside of the blog and comment world. Without this blog I never would have started talking to Poppy, Annie, and Gus. For this I am truly grateful, as they are all wonderful people!

I've really seemed to put myself in a state of reflection on my life so far, as I've examined many aspects of my life through this medium. I've told you all about my body issues from childhood, my ghosts of boyfriends past, and my bestest friends ever.

I even told you when I got arrested and also when I was almost arrested.

Yes, I've shared a lot of myself in this last year. You all have really stepped up to the plate and shared right back. I know I've had a lot going on lately and having been blogging like I used to, but believe me, I am way to fucked up to not have a whole lot more stories to tell.

So stay tuned, and thank you so much for staying tuned all this time...

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