Sunday, June 19, 2005

I heart Tivo

Tivo has saved my reputation as a with-it, happenin', cool type chick.

Ok, maybe not, but it really has helped me get in step with the pop culture type things that are going on in our world.

For most of the late nineties, I didn't ever watch television because I threw it over my balcony around the age of 22. Long story.

Anyway, I did end up getting another TV because I missed watching movies. So I got the TV, but had no cable or satellite or antenna. Basically it was me, my TV, and the handy dandy VCR. I could not get a TV station in to save my life.

This went on until September 11th. THE September 11th. The feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world with their instant access to 24 hour news channels got me to break down and get DirecTV.

I could almost keep up with people and their pop culture talk now. I was no longer a freak of nature who didn't know why people were laughing about Ross's foray into the self-tanning world. Hell, I didn't really even know what Ross they were talking about. I thought it was the Electrian named Ross at work, and trust me, I really got some opened mouth shocked people staring at me when I asked if that's who they were talking about.

Yeah, I was useless at the watercooler at work. It's a good thing I knew how to fix all their puters or they probably wouldn't have liked me very much.

So I now had all these channels and shows and programs. Being a closet nerd, I spent most of my TV time watching Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, and The Discovery Channel.

This was not helping matters in my pop-cultured-challenged world. So I took a the mother of all crash courses in pop-culture-The E! Channel.

You could find out anything there about pop culture. The E! True Hollywood stories showed me how the celebs crashed and burned. The Fabulous Life of....showed me that these people have way to much fucking money.

As a writer I guess it is kind of important to know what is happening in pop-culture, but it really, really bores the holy hell out of me. I don't care who is doing who, don't really care for reality TV, and found that most of the shows on prime time TV were about lawyers, forensics, or cops.


So I really wasn't getting a whole lot for my 40 and some odd dollars I was dishing out for satellite. Yeah, I still watched the news channels and my beloved educational channels, but I found the others were a bit lacking.

Then I got Tivo.

Tivo is the best invention of this new millennium. Ok, so it wasn't technically made in this century, but that's when I got it so there.

I heart Tivo. I mean, I really, really heart Tivo. It finds things for me. I can punch in keywords or director and actor's names and it just shows me everything on them that I can watch! It is wonderful!

My life is very busy. I was missing out on a lot of good shit just for the simple fact that I worked nights. Not all TV shows were spin offs from Law and Order and CSI. There were others that I found, that I really liked a lot.

Shows like Medium, Intervention, and my beloved Project Greenlight. I actually found out that I kind of dig Friends and Will and Grace. My Tivo made sure I never missed an episode. I could record both Jay Leno and David Letterman, watch the monologue, and delete them if the guests sucked (hello Paris Hilton! Good bye Paris Hilton!)

So I ask the question....What's on your Tivo wish lists? What season passes do you have?

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