Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Life just kicks ya in the ass...

So I had all these plans for my blog...I was going to put a little pic up of Gus's book, and I really wanted to join in on RDD's book club discussion on it. I also had a couple of good posts screaming to come out of me...

Then my Dad got sick. He's battled pancreantitis (sp?) for a couple of years now, and he had went awhile without an attack. A couple of weeks ago he had one of the worst ones he's ever had, and the pain was so great he actually had a "stress heart attack." Don't ask me, I have no clue what that means except that there is nothing technically blocked or anything, but he still had a heart attack.

So I've spent the last couple of weeks worrying and driving back and forth 600 miles, which has left little time for anything else.

I've been very fortunate in my lifetime. The people in my family just live to be like 99 or 100 and die in their sleep. I've never been around sickness before. No one in my family has ever had cancer or any life threatening illness besides diabetes. I think my Grandma is the only person I can think of that died before 90 of physical problems (I did have an Aunt that died in her 40's because of a drunk driver), and she was a very naughty diabetic that didn't exactly take care of herself.

So besides being my Dad, who has always been so strong, I've just never had to deal with hospitals and sickness and the like. It has been a very tough and emotional pill to swallow, which was not helped by the fact that all of it was going on so far away while life continued where I live.

He's home now and out of the woods. He's going to Mayo clinic FINALLY, and hopefully they will be able to find out more of why the attacks are getting worse and worse with his pancreas.

So once I get off this damn emotional roller coaster I've been on and get my land leggs back, I've got some stuff in store for my little piece of blogdom here. June 13th is my year anniversary, and I have something special planned!

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