Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Why I'm not married...

So I went out with this guy last night, and he asked the question that will kill anyone's chances of ever touching me in this lifetime.

Why hasn't some guy snatched you up already? God I hate that question. He followed it with a good statement, about how it was just unbelievable to him that no one would have scooped me up by now because I was so wonderful.

I looked at him and said, "Stick around and you'll find out," while making a wide-eyed psycho face. For a second there he thought I was serious, much to my amusement. Pretty much from that second on it was another free meal from some clueless man. Did it ever occur to him that I didn't want to be "snatched" or "scooped?"

In unrelated news I was driving listening to this hilarious CD my best friend's hubby made for me with all the stupid hair band songs of the eighties. As I sat at the stop light singing "Once bitten twice shy" at the top of my lungs, I looked over and saw this gorgeous hunk of a man in a convertible. He looked as though he was about to put his top up out of fear for his life.

Maybe it is related. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I'm not married....

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JGirten said...


Marriage is over rated.. don't do it until you KNOW it is 150% right.. Just have fun, it is your life and as long as you are ok with what you are doing.. you are doing the right thing..